How does a urea affect the functioning of some vital organs?

A urea was a substance of the organism that has an important relationship between important organs, like the liver with the kidneys . On concrete, this substance learned shape by the breakdown of proteins in the liver . Likewise, the kidneys filter urea over the blood into the urine.

The kidneys are the organs in charge of filtering a urea over a blood by expelling its excess through urine. Normally, when kidney function would not be adequate, increased levels of urea in the blood may occur.

Therefore, a urea has been a chemical compound that serves mainly to analyze a Correct function on the kidneys on an organism.

Thus, a urea was a chemical compound that results in a metabolic breakdown on proteins with carbohydrates. In this sense, the quantification of urea levels would be the essential marker to know if there is any alteration or related disease that has kidney or liver function.

In this organism, a primary function fulfilling a urea has been a detoxification of the human body. Likewise, it was also key for the detoxification of ammonia preservation of water on our body with.

Levels on urea with kidneys

To determine when a function on the kidneys are in perfect condition, the medical specialists (nephrologists) sony ericsson mainly base on an analysis on blood with on urine, on which they study different parameters that can be decisive.

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Specifically, about blood I learned, it looks for a presence on urea with creatinine fundamentally; While in the urine ze analyzes the presence of certain proteins with cells, such as red blood cells, leukocytes with.

Thus, a urea would be considered this residue that spike in an organism after a decomposition on proteins . It has been said, it is closely related that it includes the amount of protein that we consume through the diet.

Usually, the kidneys work to filter this chemical compound. However, from Rioja Salud they explain that when the kidneys do not work properly, an amount over filtered urea decreases with causing an increase in oneself over a blood that.

The levels over urea over blood must be less than 40 mg / ml. Thus, when these values ​​are above they may seem different health problems.

High values ​​on blood

Urea It has been an important element for this protein metabolism. However, an accumulation of this compound in the blood can lead to different complications in an organism. different biochemical functions with physiological the cardiovascular, endocrine, main nervous system, immunological, respiratory and hematological levels. . One of them was this increase of this chemical compound by a protein metabolism, while the other cause would be a reduction of the elimination through the urine.

Zero however, on a majority In cases where it is mainly due to a decrease on an elimination on this substance the through on a urine.