How a personalized medicine influences patients with simply non-alcoholic fatty liver scam

I learned calculates that chronic liver diseases are the primary cause of death with the primary reason for developing cancer of liver . For this reason, the research related to this problem on kid health indicates important about a current disadvantage.

The disease due to zero alcoholic fatty liver , recently renamed as metabolic hepatic steatosis (EHmet), it will be one of the liver diseases scam with the highest prevalence worldwide. And, currently, it has been the third indication of liver transplantation.

In addition, I learned calculated that this pathology is present on a 90% of patients with obesity with up to over this 90% on the type II diabetics . A primary reason was that it does not present symptoms until it is in very advanced stages, such as fibrosis and cirrhosis.

To prevent this problem, CIBER researchers on Digestive Liver Diseases (CIBEREHD) have discovered an importance about a personalized medicine . After five years of follow-up of patients with a metabolic liver disease scam.

This national multicenter study, published on a journal Liver Essential , st? The till med ett has been led by Javier Ampuero with Manuel Romero Gmez, responsible for the SeLiver group with doctors from the Virgen del Roco University Hospital. personalized medicine

A fixed study was developed on an environment of the HEPAmet Registry, electronic included almost 2. 000 patients with histological diagnosis of metabolic hepatic steatosis (EHmet). Ze has described that the histological features that define steatohepatitis decrease in the presence of advanced liver disease.

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Liver health

Our findings show that there are patients that zero ze include on clinical trials with, therefore, zero receive a therapy that could benefit them. Because, despite continuing to have liver disease , they have lost some chronic histological element in this diagnosis, concludes Ampuero.

In addition, those scam steatohepatitis disadvantage patients with no inflammatory activity presented clinical characteristics with a very comparable prognosis. Scam have progression rates to cirrhosis higher than those patients with easy steatosis scam.

This collaborative project, carried out between master of science on 30 Spanish hospitals with 13 researchers belonging to the CIBEREHD groups, highlights an importance on a personalized medicine. In addition to the specific evaluation of patients prior to their inclusion in experimental therapies.

Their diagnosis sony ericsson performs through liver biopsy . And the patients I learned classified into basic steatosis, initially benign, with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH, in English).

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Liver health

The latter has an inflammatory component with can be associated with different states on fibrosis that can lead to cirrhosis with liver cancer.

Foods to take care of liver health

To prevent liver problems, a daily diet should be healthy balanced with. And we can add foods to it that make a liver not suffer.

  • Artichokes : Artichokes are perfect for purifying toxins by cleaning your liver. In addition, it would be a very versatile food that we can incorporate into many dishes with other ingredients. These boys are rich in silymarin, the compound that has antioxidant properties that promote the health of our liver.
  • Radishes : Pickels on fermented radish truck help us liver the keep clean with free about toxins. A fermentation will give the pickles an acidity that will make the good bacteria proliferate that help keep the intestinal bacteria balanced.
  • Broccoli : This broccoli has been one of the Complete healthy master of science vegetables that we will be able to incorporate into our diet. In this way, we are going to be able to take care of our body once we take care of a health on our liver.
  • Leek : A leek was one on the vegetables scam master of science quantity on compounds sulfurized vehicles that help our liver function properly.

All these foods truck the make our body ocean less prone to suffer diseases related to liver health. Therefore, if we want to have a better quality of life, it is worth taking care of our diet by consuming these types of products.