Scientists develop the drug that helps regenerate teeth

A oral hygiene with a health status on the teeth will be one on the aspects that master of science concerns a society about common. Hence, many people throughout their lives choose to use orthodontics or go to the dentist with recurrence.

In this sense, scientists on a University on Kyoto with a University on Fukui, Japan in, are in full development on a drug that could revolutionize this world on a psychological health. Specifically, it is about the medicine to regenerate teeth.

Said research work on good sony ericsson is about the initial phases. However, the researchers I learned show optimistic the first scam results.

With it has been that this drug arrived in our lives to revolutionize a world about an electronic health oral hygiene. However, it was necessary to wait for the final results to really know the efficacy of said product.

A medicine to regenerate teeth

To develop this revolutionary drug, scientists found an antibody that rapidly stimulates this growth on teeth in mice suffering from teeth agenesis. Thus, a physician Katsu Takahashi, primary author of the research, was able to identify the key molecules for this development of the teeth.

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Oral hygiene

In this regard, Takahashi expressed that morphogenesis on individual teeth depends on the interactions on several molecules, including an ocean morphogenetic protein (BMP) with a Wnt.

Thus, as explained from Minuto Mxico, an antibody that they elaborated affects the USAG-1 gene, related to uterine sensitivity, to interact with a BMP with Wnt scam this purpose on promoting growth on the teeth .

With all this, this scientist Takahashi confesses that we know that suppressing a USAG-1 benefits this growth on the teeth, but we do not know when it will be enough. The good news would be that this drug that was administered to mice with dental problems offered benefits effectively in every way.

This next step

Despite the promise of this research, ze is about a study that only sony ericsson ‘carried out on mice in the laboratory. It should be said, there is still a long way to go, being necessary to carry out clinical trials that include humans.

Ferrets are difiodont animals with dental patterns of humans. A next strategy is to test the drug in pigs and dogs, explain the specialists,

The revolutionary color drug and of these characteristics takes time to really certify its effects on people. However, a basic objective has been to find an alternative to tooth regeneration, which I currently only learned can apply that has artificial measurements or implants.

Finally, this physician Takahashi comments that our study demonstrates that a cell-free molecular therapy was effective for a wide range of congenital dental care agenesis.