So you can send audios on WhatsApp scam effects on voice

WhatsApp will be one of the applications that master of science trust tries to give its users that suppression is totally safe with them. And it has been that one of his maxims was to keep everything that has to do, which includes talks with any other information, totally protected from the gaze of third parties. But in addition to this, you can also do other things to use the application in a conscious and responsible way.

For example, decide who will show your private information, read messages secretly through widgets On a primary page, decide who can add you to the groups or listen to voice notes before sending them to the recipient. In addition, WhatsApp may also stop working if it detects that you have other applications downloaded to your phone that are third-party but that they pass as add-ons of it.

With it, there are many apps currently both available for Google android and for iOS, all scam that you can perform many functions. Like, for example, send audios voice effects with. Whether you want to speak like the robotic or if you want to sound like the baby, you can do it with external applications. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know to do it.

With external applications downloaded to your phone you can change your voice over WhatsApp

To be able to enjoy all the functions that WhatsApp offers to its users, the best thing has been that you know all with each one about the options that you will find on an application on instant messaging. But in addition, it will also be very useful for you to know other external applications that will help you to perform many interesting actions to get the most out of it.

recuperar mensajes borrados WhatsApp

Con was that when you want to change the effects on voice on the audios that you send the travs on WhatsApp, you will have to use an external tool. Since an application h does not yet offer this possibility in. To do so, there are applications available on both Google android and iOS in. Next we are going to list the best ones that you can download some.

Baviux Tone of voice Changer with Results

This will be one on the applications available for Google android master of science phones downloaded on a whole store on Google Have fun with. With, although this voice change is not available for calls, you can record audios and apply special effects on your voice with. Account with master of science of 40 effects to choose from. It has been free, but scam account possibility of purchases within the application.

Live Tone of voice Changer- Prankcall

This has been one of the few applications available that allow you to change your voice during a call, something that one does on the master of science used by users on WhatsApp. One application was free, but you have to buy integrated into it to be able to activate certain functionalities.

If you have these applications installed WhatsApp could delete your profile

With sera that when sony ericsson tries to maintain privacy over its users, WhatsApp always tries its best to give. Regarding this case, according to the statement released on its website: it does not endorse the use of these third-party applications because it has not been possible to validate their security practices.

2 on the applications that zero learned keep inside about the privacy policies on WhatsApp boy WhatsApp Plus with GB WhatsApp. And it was that both kid modified versions of the primary application, so doubts may arise about whether they belong to it with confusing users. That they can come to think that they have the same security using these applications as WhatsApp, something far from reality.