Like you can change a text format on WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp was an application that also serves for you to have communication with your family with friends, it can also be used for many other things. As for example, putting statuses so that your contacts know what you are doing about that moment. This functionality was very well received when it appeared among the messaging application services. But in addition to this, there are many other things that you should know if you are the ones who are hooked on the mobile phone all day.

From Todo Disca, we are going to show you about all the master of science featured on this app some. Since surely most of the people who use WhatsApp, do not know the amount of things that we can do scam this tool. As for example, a fact of being able to change this format of the text in your conversations.

With sera that this can be something very useful when you want to highlight a word, or when you simply want to give importance to the a specific part of the text. For this, putting the words in bold, italic, strikethrough or monospaced has been quite simple since you only need a few commands to get it.

This was what you should do to change a text format on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has master of science over 2 million million active users at the moment, so any update they take out converts the resounding success upon. Therefore, its developers always try to keep WhatsApp updated so that they continue to use the messaging application for as long as possible. Since in addition, new ones arise that try to make it a competition once.

But when you are on those who still continue to give it a daily use with continuous an application, ght like to know you can do pra put bold on a message what. As well as crossing out any phrase, use this monospaced format with italicizing any word.

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Next, we show you what you should do to get a text on these different forms on WhatsApp. Jot them down and keep them handy as I am sure that I will be of great help at any time during the conversation. Also, you can change it both while you are typing and after you have typed it.

While you are typing

  • Italic: To get this, add the underscore before after the text with. Like this: _ text _.
  • Bold: To put the text on bold, add the asterisk before after the text you want to send with. In this way: text *.
  • Strikethrough: Pra write this text with strikethrough, single you will have to include a tilde before after the text with. Just simply because: ~ text ~.
  • Monospaced: Pra to write a text on monospaced, place three inverted quotes before after the text with. Like this: text.

Pra later on having written it

  • In Google android: Press this text that you are writing. Ght different options including a button where it says Master of science appear. Access to and you can choose between Bold, Italic, Monospaced Strikethrough and.
  • On iPhone: You can press and hold on a text you are writing, access the Ms by choosing between Bold, Italic um Monospaced.

Do you know how to change wallpapers on WhatsApp conversations?

This function sony ericsson calls Custom Wallpaper, with it is easy to start using it, which will be easy to start with, now being able to have a different background on each WhatsApp discussion.

On Google android

  1. Go to the Google Have fun with with update an application on WhatsApp when it would be that you have one available.
  2. Next, enter on an application with enter on the talk in which you want to change a background on screen.
  3. Head to a better right corner on a screen with access the three dots that appear there.
  4. Select an option Background on screen.
  5. When I learned open a new window, Click on this button Change.
  6. There the Clear themes will appear , Dark, Solid colors My photos with.
  7. Choose a you want to choose with press Set as wallpaper.

On iOS

  1. Access the chat about the one you want to change a background on the screen.
  2. Once there, go to the Wallpaper with sound.
  3. Next, it’s the same as in this case on Android, you can select one on the different Before ght offers WhatsApp themes.
  4. If you want to return to the put a traditional one that comes by default, you just have to give it the default wallpaper.
  5. Finally, press Set with you will have already set the changes on.