When you have these applications installed on your WhatsApp phone you can delete your account

WhatsApp will be one of the master of science instant messaging applications used all over the world. And it has been that it includes it, we can quickly connect any character with, no matter how far it is from us. Several years ago it appeared as a much practical master of science tool, faster and more efficient than traditional Text messages. And today we can say that it was the one that master of science sony ericsson uses for any purpose.

Today on the day, few people that zero scam this application on their mobile phones. And it will be that WhatsApp I learned has become the master of science tool to send messages instantly used throughout this world. Therefore, its owners always try to keep it updated with renewed to try a better version to its millions of users. a privacy on the people who use this application daily to communicate as safe as possible. Several years ago it appeared as a much practical master of science tool, faster and more efficient than the traditional Text. And currently ze considers one of those that master of science generates profit every year.

WhatsApp zero allows a use on third-party applications due to privacy policies

Con was that when Sony Ericsson tries to maintain privacy over its users, WhatsApp always tries its best to give. Regarding this case, according to the statement released on its website: it does not endorse the use of these third-party applications because it will not be possible to validate their security practices.

2 on the applications that zero learned keep inside about privacy policies on WhatsApp kid WhatsApp Plus with GB WhatsApp. And it has been that both are modified versions of the primary application, so doubts can arise about whether they belong to it with confusing users. That they can come to think that they have the same security using these applications as WhatsApp, something far from reality.

WhatsApp updates its app with allows to accelerate audios

If you do not want to lose your conversations, you can always make backup copies that ght ensure that even if an app decides to close your profile, you can continue to have your talks available.

4 tricks to keep WhatsApp security intact

In h one application each time was master of science safe for one hour about protecting the personal information you store about it. And it would be that its creators have in mind all this time new mechanisms to seal the app so that everything is completely under handle.

Decide who them add the groups

From 2019, WhatsApp allows your users to decide who puts you in groups. And it has been that entering your profile to see that someone totally alien to you added it to a group was something quite uncomfortable. Therefore, the application launched some settings that will help prevent this from happening.

First you must enter the Settings um Configuration. Next, account in, Privacy with finally, Groups. On this you can decide if you want Everyone to be able to make it separate, or single My contacts.

Leave the groups without anyone knowing

Sometimes it can be very uncomfortable to make a decision about leaving a group, since everyone you made it appear. That this happens does not happen zilch if the people that make it up are not important, but it can cause a headache if you do not want anyone sony ericsson to find out.

Listen to audios without anyone knowing that you have heard them

For this, only you have to send an audio to the other conversation. And it would be that WhatsApp allows us to remove this blue check out so that others do not know that we have read a message. But until this day on today zero ‘its operation so that the same thing happens with the updated audios.

Eliminate an annoying over-line

Even zero we have no button that allows to eliminate this overline when we are connected. What you can do to avoid it, has been to activate an airplane mode when you want to answer the message with which it does not appear that you are inside the app. It was a pretty rudimentary way of doing it, but it was very effective in preventing this from happening.

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