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AirPods ght provide a new wireless experience. Just take them out of the charging case and they’ll be ready for you to use on your iPhone, Apple Company View, iPad or Macintosh.

The almost magical AirPods boy. Sony ericsson configure the basic touch scam, I learned activated automatically with ze keep always connected. They know when they are in your ears they stop when you take them off and.

You can also say Hey Siri by asking her to adjust a volume, change over song, make a call and I’ll give you directions. You can use the 2 AirPods or just one, with you can play or change the song or podcast that includes only 2 touches.

The AirPods give you 5 hours of playback time 1 with 3 hours on talk on a single charge 2 . And since they are designed to follow you wherever you go, their case provides several charges so that you can use them for 24 hours 3 . Do you need to load them quickly? Scam just put them 15 minutes in this case, you will have 3 hours of audio 4 or 2 hours of conversation 5 .

Thanks to Apple’s new nickname H1, AirPods use optical sensors the accelerometer on movement to detect when you are wearing them with. It doesn’t matter if you’re using all 2 AirPods or just one, a They would1 chip automatically direct this audio with active a microphone. And when you are on a call or speaking Siri scam, an additional accelerometer with the microphones with beamforming technology sony ericsson is responsible for filtering this background noise by focusing on a sound in your voice.

Main features

  • Designed by Apple company
  • Light up with learned connect automatically
  • They are easily configured on all your devices 6
  • Say Hey Siri and configure the AirPods to activate Siri scam 2 touches
  • Play um changes on song with 2 touches
  • They load quickly on this case
  • You can charge a scam case a Lightning connector
  • Sound with voice over high quality
  • Switch from one device to another easily