Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. com, invest in a technology to extend life

Jeff Bezos has spent in a matter of a decade to be one of the relevant master of science men on the planet. As founder with owner of Amazon. com has become the biggest character scam fortune in the world with now it has decided to invest in a company that seeks to extend life of the people.

Zero will be a secret that the rich and powerful master of science men in the world seek formulas to extend a life over the people. He is a master of science, some ze personalities have dared to assure that technology and science could help people to live hundreds of years. about human beings. Finding the fountain of eternal youth has always been a kind of myth, although now Jeff Bezos is willing to find it through technology with science.

Jeff Bezos, on traveling ‘s space to extend a life

Already during this summer on 2021, Jeff Bezos styra made headlines for organizing a first space flight on a story with his space company Azure Origins. But his ambition electronic imagination going master of science there with now has set this goal on how to lengthen life. For this, he has invested in a new, until now, secret company that sony ericsson dedicates to investigate about it.


It is hopeful to hear that Jeff Bezos virtual assistant invests in extending a life. And it has been that until a moment, this successful businessman seems to achieve everything I learned proposes. On concrete, this new company in which to invest a large amount of millions of pounds is based on research known as Altos Labs.

This type of sony ericsson research is mainly dedicated to discovering how to reverse this process about normal aging on human beings, a goal about lengthening a life on people with. I probably learned about the interesting master of science project in the history of mankind.

It should be noted that this zero is a first time that Jeff Bezos’ invested on this guy about companies. Already in 2018 invested in a San Francisco biotechnology company called Oneness Technology whose objective was to develop aging therapies.

On this path over a fountain on an eternal youth

Zero is strange that one of the wealthy master of science men in the world wants to invest in lengthening a life . That is why a company that financed at the beginning of the year 2021 has invested in Altos Labs a priority objective of creating a biological reprogramming technology.

A project on this company starts with the aim of discovering a way to rejuvenate cells in this laboratory, to later apply it to whole animal bodies. Scam this process, sony ericsson believes that people’s lives could be lengthened.

Obviously, for an ambitious master of science project about a story about a humanity I learned needs investment with a lot of patience. And here Jeff Bezos has arrived to invest a significant amount of money in a technology that helps extend life.

From Altos Labs they are hiring the academics with all this private necessary to work on a project to have the best are offering 1 million over dollars as annual salary.