A new Apple company Watch Collection 7 helps prevent heart problems

Apple company has presented this Tuesday 15 September its new generation of smart watches . Specifically, sony ericsson is about the Apple company Watch Collection 7, this new device that the company has presented at the Keynote Apple company with which contains important news in the field of health .

One of the important master of science characteristics of the Apple company Watch Collection 7 was that it is oriented towards a health on the users who use it. A famous company of the bitten apple has incorporated new aspects that includes an objective of preventing different health problems.

Specifically, this new smart watch on Apple company has a capacity to measure an oxygen about blood the travs on an app with a revolutionary sensor. In addition, it also allows you to check all the heart beats per minute, including performing the electrocardiogram on any omentum on. 7 look at all hours for you. And it has been that on the other hand it also has novelties focused on rest with full attention of the disadvantaged user.

Innovation on health matters

For a long time I learned fixa speculated scam a possibility that a new generation of smart watches on Apple company will have a technology capable of measuring glucose levels on blood in a zero invasive way. However, in the presentation of the device, zilch has not informed about it.

Apple Watch 7 Series
Apple company View 7 Collection

Despite an absence on a blood glucose meter, an Apple View Collection 7 was already considered as one of the smart watches scam the greatest innovation for this care about a health on people.

For example, the level of oxygen on the body will be an essential indicator on the well-being of people , since it shows if the body has the ability to absorb enough oxygen with how it distributes it.

Thus, a new smart watch on Apple company has a sensor with a scam app a technology Innovative to measure a saturation on oxygen at a specific time and automatically throughout the duration of the amu and one night. Knowing the oxygen levels can be key to prevent different health problems.

Ability to perform an electro

Without a doubt , this innovative master of science aspect of the new Apple company Watch has been a possibility on performing an electro at any time. In this sense, the ECG app with a smart watch was able to generate the electrocardiogram comparable to those of lead I.

This is an incredible advance for a device on these characteristics. And it would be that it allows doctors to obtain accurate information with master of science security for this user. However, this electrocardiogram will not be valid as a medical test.

As from the Apple company they explain that your finger hit a lot on your heart. The integrated electrodes in the Digital Overhead and a sony ericsson rear glass combine to have the ECG app to read the electrical impulses of the heart. It is enough that it includes placing this finger on the Digital Overhead to generate an electrocardiogram wave in solitary 30 seconds. An ECG app will tell you if a heart rhythm shows symptoms of atrial fibrillation, which has been the type of severe cardiac arrhythmia, or sinus rhythm, which indicates that the heart is normal.

Also , these aspects about safety with control over a heart health boy possible at any time with anywhere scam Apple View Collection 7. This was so because this new smartwatch from the company will be water resistant up to 50 meters deep.