With 73% of the population fully vaccinated, Portugal plans to dismantle some mass vaccination centers – Ora Pois

With more than 73% of the population already having the complete vaccination schedule – and which should reach 85% by the end of September – Portugal is already discussing the demobilization of some of its mass vaccination centers.

To manage the emergency vaccination against Covid-19, large structures have been installed from north to south of the country. Although a significant part of resources and professionals come from the NHS (National Health Service, SUS of Portugal), the structures represent high operating and maintenance costs for local communities.

The authorities’ idea is that, in the near future, vaccination against the new coronavirus will no longer be done only in specialized vaccination structures, being available in the network of health centers that already serve the Portuguese population.

An article published by the newspaper Público reports that, in several Portuguese cities, the mayors are already analyzing the closure of mass vaccination units. The possibility of inoculating a third dose of the vaccine, however, could delay these plans.

At the first large vaccination center to open in Portugal, at Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar, demobilization “is already being prepared”, confirmed the mayor, Marco Martins.

In Cascais, which has two large vaccination rooms, only one is currently in use. The unit is however ready to resume applications in September, if there is a spike in second dose applications.

Also according to the newspaper Público, in Lisbon, where seven mass vaccination centers have been installed, the town hall is awaiting indications from the regional health administration before implementing any changes.

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