“The Germans are coming! »A German group buys the Politico site and scares the American media – 08/26/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The CEO of the German group Axel Springer, Mathias Döpfner, in an interview with the financial newspaper Handelsblatt justified the takeover of the American site Politico for 630 million euros, considering that it is a vehicle “very profitable, 30% of margin “and” with enormous potential “. (reproduction below).

Owner of the largest German newspaper, the tabloid Bild, and of Die Welt, the group already shared control of Politico in Europe, where the site was created in 2014 to cover the region from Brussels, with 200 journalists. Döfner plans to “internationalize” Politico even more.

In the United States, where it focuses on Washington and behind the scenes of power, Politico has 700 journalists. This is Axel Springer’s second major investment in the US media market, where it already acquired Business Insider, now only Insider, in 2015.

In the American media, the Drudge Report portal sounded the alarm: “The Germans are coming! “, And even the New York Times warned that the German owner” could shake up the media scene in Washington. “

Most of the backlash is due to the group’s notorious conservative bias, dubbed “Germany Murdoch”, although Döfner argued in the purchase statement “the need for editorial independence and non-partisan coverage”.

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