PT chief sends letters to OAS and World Bank questioning Weintraub brothers’ video – 08/26/2021 – Mercado

The leader of the PT in the Chamber of Deputies, Bohn Gass (RS) and the federal deputy Alencar Santana (PT-SP) sent letters to two international organizations questioning the participation of brothers Abraham and Arthur Weintraub in a video calling for the Brazilians to fight, and which was seen as a spur to the acts of September 7 in favor of (non-party) President Jair Bolsonaro.

Arthur, a former Minister of Education, is Executive Director of the Board of the World Bank. And Abraham is secretary for multidimensional security at the OAS (Organization of American States).

In a video released this weekend, the two argue that it is time to fight, although they do not cite the acts of September 7. “How far does your freedom go?” How far you fight for it. Don’t expect it to end, fight it before it does. expect to have to cross the Brazilian border on foot, and your family gets lost along the way or begs for a plate of food. (…) The time to fight is now. “

“The Weintraub brothers are seen and heard spreading slogans in videos shared on social media by thousands of Pocketnarista supporters calling on the population to protests proposing the impeachment of STF ministers and military intervention. There are indications. that there will be an attempted invasion of the premises of the STF and, possibly, of the National Congress, with the risk of an uprising by the military police “, indicate the letters of the deputies of the PT, sent on Thursday (26).

In the document sent to the OAS, the parliamentarians mentioned that one of the objectives of the organization, mentioned in its founding letter, is to promote and consolidate representative democracy.

“By repudiating the speeches of Mr. Arthur Weintraub, we allow ourselves to urge the OAS to adopt appropriate measures in the face of the demonstrations of this official, manifestly unworthy of his post and incompatible with the principles and norms which govern not only this Organization. regional, but above all the same inter-American system for the protection of human rights. There are no human rights without democracy, nor democracy without human rights, ”concludes the communication addressed to the OAS.

At the World Bank, parliamentarians stress that the entity’s code of conduct provides that its employees should only engage in peaceful political demonstrations.

“These are not employees of the Brazilian government, but of international organizations, and we hope that action will be taken,” Santana told Folha.

In September 2020, the OAS Staff Committee rejected a statement by Abraham. He wrote on a social network that after a Latino told him he would have to adapt to the so-called new normal, he replied: “My eggs in the throat of whoever invented this”.

In February this year, World Bank officials called for an investigation of Arthur for spreading disinformation during the pandemic. He launched attacks against the vaccine developed by the Butantan Institute, in São Paulo, and defended chloroquine, an ineffective drug against Covid-19.

Read the full letter sent to the World Bank below:

To Mr. David Malpass, President of the World Bank.

Mr. President, this Party Directorate with a mandate in the Chamber of Deputies, supported by the legitimacy conferred on it by the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil of 1988 and the sovereign popular vote, records before the World Bank the most frank and the most fearful repudiation of the recent anti-democratic demonstrations of Mr. Abraham Bragança by Vasconcellos Weintraub.

Mr. Abraham Weintraub, as well as his brother Arthur Weintraub, Secretary for Access to Rights and Equity of the Organization of American States, appear in a video broadcast in the call for demonstrations scheduled for September 7, which incite acts against Brazilian democratic institutions, in particular the Federal Court (STF). Sir Abraham Weintraub shouts in the video: “The time to fight is now.” This same speech was also conveyed by the “Weintraub 2022” profile, in support of Abraham’s name as a future candidate for the government of the State of São Paulo in the elections of 2022.

Both former occupants of high positions in the government of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, the Weintraub brothers are seen and heard spreading slogans in videos shared on social networks by thousands of supporters of the Pocket Members to summon the population at the CHAMBER OF DEPUTIES for the demonstrations proposing the dismissal of the ministers of the STF and the military intervention. There are indications that there will be an attempted invasion of the premises of the STF and, possibly, the National Congress, with the risk of an uprising by the military police.

It should be noted that President Jair Bolsonaro himself, in addition to his supporters, threatened the 2022 elections with allegations casting unfounded suspicions about the world-famous, safe and efficient electronic voting system adopted in Brazil.

In this area of ​​non-compliance with the rules and established powers, the behavior, posture and demonstrations of Mr. Abraham Weintraub, at the same time, seriously threaten the democratic rule of law, violate the principles of Good Governance defended by the World. Bank and sully the image of this multilateral body.

It is certain that the Bank considers legitimate the interest, on the part of its employees, for the civic and political agenda of the country of which they are citizens, so that the Functional Code of Conduct does not prohibit active involvement. in national politics, although such action should necessarily be limited by the status of international civil servant, they are prohibited from identifying themselves as employees of the World Bank when engaging in political activity and, furthermore, provided that these activities are carried out in a completely private capacity and that the engagement or participation takes place within the framework of peaceful demonstrations. Here is what is read in the aforementioned Code:

03 General obligations of staff members.

03.01 Standards of Professional Conduct.

(…) 08 Political activity

(…) F. participate in peaceful demonstrations.

We recall that in March of this year, the World Bank Staff Association asked him to open an investigation by Mr. Abraham Weintraub for dissemination of disinformation related to the Covid-19 pandemic and participation in a political campaign. . In addition, the former Minister of Education is the subject of an investigation by the STF for acting against the legislative and judicial powers.

Thus, by repudiating the speech of Mr. Abraham Weintraub, we allow ourselves to urge the World Bank to adopt appropriate measures in the face of the manifestations of this official, manifestly unworthy of this post and incompatible with the principles and standards which govern this institution. On this occasion, we reiterate our high assurances of esteem and consideration.

bohemian gas
Leader of the Home Workers Party

Alencar Santana
Federal Deputy – PT / SP

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