In Afghanistan, US joins Taliban, but Fox News talks about not leaving – 08/26/2021 – Nelson de Sá

NBC chief international correspondent Richard Engel noted in the middle of the first US military press conference after the blasts that they detailed “security coordination with the Taliban.”

The same Taliban as the same American soldiers, “a few weeks earlier, were bombing”.

In the coverage of the blasts, something similar happened, for example, with the Associated Press reporting, in the headline of its first headlines on the death toll, information from Russia.

For their part, Russians like Kommersant have referred to channels TRT, from Turkey, and Al Arabyia, from Saudi Arabia, to report a third explosion in Kabul.

But in the United States, calls were already multiplying, especially on Fox News, for a new military intervention in Afghanistan, General HR McMaster describing the country as a “new epicenter of jihadist terrorism” and:

“So the question is: what should we do now? Are we going to start being serious again? Are we going to stop talking about the need to engage with the Taliban, on the future of Afghanistan, and instead engage with other Afghans, on the future of Afghanistan? And then redouble our efforts against terrorism in the broad sense, with partners from all over the world? “

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