We have to talk about Pelosi, the most powerful woman in US history – 08/25/2021 – Lúcia Guimarães

United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scored yet another victory on Tuesday (24), when the House passed the foundations of the Biden government’s $ 3.5 trillion package for health investments, l education and the environment, a proposal that will be voted on at the end of September.

The plan passed without a single Republican vote, and Pelosi maneuvered to stem the discontent of centrist Democrats who wanted an immediate vote on another Biden package to invest in infrastructure.

At 81, Pelosi is the most powerful woman in U.S. history and a prime target of Republican hatred. On Wednesday (25), the MP spoke for 17 minutes, without consulting any notes, of the victory of the day before, detailing the historic potential of the package on the lives of women, children and workers.

Pelosi grew up in Maryland on the east coast, the daughter of a popular Baltimore mayor. But in the 1950s, gestures of defiance, like snatching Donald Trump’s speech in front of him from the gallery of the House, were unthinkable for the youngest of five siblings.

After meeting her future husband, Paul, in college, she moved to San Francisco, the city that symbolizes progressive customs. While making a fortune as an investor in the financial market, she had five children in six years. When the youngest girl was about to leave home for college, Pelosi decided to apply and was elected MP at age 46.

Today, 31 million Americans owe it access to health insurance. Yes, insurance went down in history as Obamacare, but the swagger and oratorical type who was elected with the slogan “yes, we can” had no slack in the sales policy. detail.

In 2009, just before the Obamacare vote, as pressure mounted to decimate the proposal and pass law acceptable to the Right, Pelosi, who had become the first female House leader, went to the Oval Office and threatened to get off the ship if Obama made more concessions.

The American press likes to cover politics as a sport, following disputes like the one that updates the score of the game. This is how in 2018, the young New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, now face of the left of the Democratic Party, exploded in the skies of the capital.

Journalists rushed to write the political obituary for Pelosi, who had to face challenges from progressives to be re-elected as the head of the newly won majority in the House. Pelosi has been accused of promoting a gerontocracy. But the MP has not gone so far in asking for salts every time she is attacked and likes to point out that the age of politicians seems to worry her critics less.

Former Pelosi office workers say she has transformed the lives of women in Congress, creating a more balanced routine for mothers, welcoming children to the House.

Despite how strong she is in interviews – who doesn’t remember the viral photo of Pelosi with her finger in Trump’s face from 2019 – she’s a poor speaker, given the rhetorical zigzags, as if she preferred not to bow to this part of the political routine.

The impatience has already been confirmed by her husband who, for the past decade, has blurted out that the MP’s impeccable wardrobe was chosen by him because “she hates shopping”.

Just as he mocks violent attacks from his opponents, Pelosi wastes no time in waiting for praise from his allies. When asked how she concocted a tough vote, she didn’t hesitate: “Because I’m a masterful negotiator.

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