After Germany, Spain allows entry of Brazilians vaccinated against Covid-19 – 08/23/2021 – World

Brazilian tourists fully immune to Covid-19 can, from this week, travel to Germany and Spain without the need for quarantine.

In Spain, entry was granted on Tuesday (24), and travelers leaving Brazil can enter the country provided they have taken the second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine, AstraZeneca – including Covishield, produced in India – and Coronavac, or the single dose of Janssen, for at least 14 days.

You will need to present the vaccination certificate translated into Spanish, English, French or German. In the ConnectSUS application, from the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the possibility to publish the document in English or Spanish is now available. In addition, the passenger must complete, before starting the journey, a health control form, available on the website of the Spanish government. After completing it, a QR code is generated which must be presented upon boarding and upon arrival.

Even if vaccinated, the traveler will undergo screening, which includes temperature measurement, document verification and visual health check – it is also possible to require an antigen test. So even though entry has been relaxed, according to the Spanish Embassy in Brazil, anyone can be refused entry for public health reasons.

To move within Europe, it will be necessary to respect the entry conditions in the other countries of the continent. Each nation has different rules, and they have changed frequently.

Unvaccinated people can only enter if they are Spanish or European Union nationals, spouses, partners in a stable union or children under 21, people residing in the Schengen area, among other exceptions, available on the site Internet of the Spanish Embassy.

Germany has also removed Brazil from the list of countries with the most severe restrictions, and Brazilian tourists can travel since Sunday (22) without needing quarantine, as long as they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The German government recognizes the Pfizer, Janssen, Astrazeneca (including Covishield) and Moderna vaccines, which are not applied in Brazil. Coronavac, the immunizing agent for Sinovac manufactured in Brazil by the Butantan Institute, is not yet among those accepted by Germany at the moment, but the government indicates that the expansion of the list “is planned as soon as the necessary tests will be completed “.

Although it was dropped from the list of countries with a high presence of more transmissible variants of the disease, Brazil is still considered by Germany as a high risk area, and therefore people who took the second dose for more than 14 days (or the single dose, in the case of the drug from Janssen) must request the digital registration of entry via the website before traveling.

In addition, proof of vaccination is required, which will be required by the airline before boarding and may be requested by the German police or the border control authority.

This certificate must be in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish and must contain the data of the person vaccinated (name, first name and date of birth), date of vaccination and number of doses applied, name of the vaccine applied and indicator of the institution responsible for vaccination.

If the traveler has already contracted the virus, the government requires only one dose of the vaccine, but it is necessary to prove the infection with a positive PCR test in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

Children under 12 who have not yet been vaccinated can enter the country accompanied by their fully vaccinated parents and do not need to be tested.

Those who are not fully immunized can only enter the country if they have German nationality or reside in the country – or in cases of extreme necessity, such as the death of an immediate relative. In this case, quarantine is required when entering Germany.

Other countries have also removed the restriction for fully vaccinated Brazilians, such as France, Finland and Switzerland. Ireland, on the other hand, allows entry of any traveler into the country, vaccinated or not.

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