With chaos at the airport, the retreating dead from Afghanistan reach 20 – 08/22/2021 – world

A week after the Taliban took Kabul and seized power in Afghanistan, at least 20 people died in or around the airport in the Afghan capital, the scene of scenes of despair for those trying to flee the fundamentalist regime.

The death toll for the past seven days was released by NATO on Sunday (22), when seven people were crushed to death in the crowd trying to access the airport.

Since the Taliban came to power, people have been arriving at the airport, where the United States and other nations, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, have been carrying out operations to drive away their diplomats and citizens, as well. than many Afghans, who seek to leave the airport for fear of reprisals.

“Our forces are keeping their distance from the area outside the airport to avoid clashes with the Taliban,” a NATO official told Reuters who wished to remain anonymous.

The Taliban, in turn, began negotiations for the formation of a new government structure on Saturday (21), with the arrival of Abdul Ghani Baradar, co-founder of the fundamentalist Islamic group and number 2 in the hierarchy of command of the organization.

Spokesmen told Reuters news agency the group is expected to consolidate government formation in the coming weeks, deploying teams to deal with finance and homeland security issues.

There will also be a crisis management office, also made up of members of the previous management. Ultimately, the overall structure of government should not be that of a democracy in the Western mold, but, on their terms, it will protect the rights of everyone.

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