Brazil facilitates refuge, studies humanitarian visa for Afghans fleeing Taliban – 19/08/21 – World

Brazil has facilitated the asylum process for Afghans who come to the country fleeing the Islamic fundamentalist group Taliban and is considering granting humanitarian visas to people of that nationality, as it has done for Syrians fleeing the country. war.

Currently, there are few Afghan refugees on Brazilian territory: in total, there are 162 already recognized and 49 processes underway, according to updated data from the Ministry of Justice. But with the recent Taliban takeover, an increase in the number of people leaving the country is expected, and Brazil may be an option for some of them, especially those who already have parents or children. knowledge over here.

Shelter is legal protection for people who have left their country to suffer persecution related to their race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinion. Some countries also recognize as refugees those who come from places where there is “serious and widespread violation of human rights”.

According to the National Committee for Refugees (Conare), linked to the DOJ, Brazil acknowledged that this is the case in Afghanistan on December 2, 2020. This decision simplifies and speeds up the analysis of Afghan asylum claims, as it happens. already in The Venezuelans, for example.

However, it is only possible to apply for refuge on arrival in Brazil, and to travel here Afghans need a visa. Itamaraty said she was assessing, in coordination with the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the possibility of granting humanitarian visas to Afghans, similar to those granted to Haitians and Syrians.

Currently, obtaining the document is not a simple process, explains Ieda Giriboni, member of USP ProMigra (Project for the Promotion of Migrants’ Rights), who sent a letter to Conare requesting that the granting of the document asylum is facilitated for people of this nationality. “There is no Brazilian embassy in Afghanistan. The responsible consular service is in Pakistan, and the decision to grant a visa is discretionary, ”he said.

According to Afghans living in Brazil interviewed by Folha, it is not easy to obtain this visa at the embassy in Islamabad. The biggest challenge right now, however, is getting out of Taliban-dominated Afghanistan. International reports report that the group is blocking access to those wishing to leave Kabul International Airport.

The entry of foreigners to Brazil by air is not prohibited at this stage of the pandemic, but they must present documents such as a negative Covid test.

Typically, Conare assesses each asylum claim individually, analyzing documents, interviews and life stories, which can take three years or more. In the meantime, the person has rights in Brazil and can obtain a CPF and a work permit.

“But on a daily basis, people find it difficult to recognize a protocol of refuge as valid [documento dado enquanto não sai o resultado definitivo], which makes it difficult to access services such as enrolling in school and opening a bank account, ”explains Giriboni.

With the recognition of the serious and widespread violation of human rights in the country, the process is accelerating.

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