Folha Report Wins South American Migration Journalism Award – 08/18/2021 – Worldwide

The article “Diary of a Refugee: Venezuelan Tells the Experience of Migration in Brazil” was one of the winners of the South American Migration Journalism Prize. The prize is organized by the regional office of IOM (International Organization for Migration), the United Nations agency dealing with the issue.

The report, by journalist Flávia Mantovani with photos by Bruno Santos and a video by Jasmin Endo Tran, profiles Venezuelan women who have emigrated to Brazil and changed the demographics of recent international displacement in the country.

The investigation also focuses on the story of one of them, Francis Salazar, who accepted the invitation to write a diary retracing his daily life in Brazil, his memories and his immigrant experience.

Folha released the digitized notebook, in its entirety, as well as a video in which the Venezuelan woman reads some excerpts from what she wrote.

This year, ten award-winning journalists from countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru will receive a scholarship and mentorship from Fundación Gabo, Colombia, to write a report on migration with a focus on sustainable development.

The jury was made up of regional leaders from organizations such as ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), UNDP, UN Women and IDB.

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