Bolsonaro government calls for respect for women and UN action in Afghanistan – 16/08/21 – World

Jair Bolsonaro’s government issued a statement on Monday March 16 in which it expressed “apprehension at the rise of instability in Central Asia” due to the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan, consolidated on Sunday with the seizure of the capital, Kabul. .

Itamaraty spoke of the need to respect the rights of women and girls in the country.

“The Brazilian government expresses its deep concern at the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and the serious violations of human rights,” writes the MRE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), in the note.

Among the fundamentalist policies pursued by the Taliban when the group controlled the country between 1996 and 2001 was a ban on women being able to study and work outside the home.

According to Itamaraty, “Brazil expects the United Nations to quickly engage in the establishment of channels of dialogue and hopes that the Security Council can act to ensure peace in the region”.

“It is essential to ensure the full execution of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (Unama),” said the file, in the press release.

The government also affirms to urge the actors involved in the crisis “to protect civilians, to respect international humanitarian law, to guarantee unhindered access to humanitarian aid and to respect the fundamental rights of the Afghan people, in particular women and men. girls “.

According to Itamaraty, it is necessary to preserve the “gains made over the last decades in terms of human rights, strengthening of democracy and socio-economic development in Afghanistan”.

There is no record of Brazilians living or in transit in Afghanistan, as indicated in the text. Brazil does not have an embassy in the country today under the command of the Taliban.

Information should be requested by Brazilians on the guard telephone of the Embassy in Pakistan (+92 300 8525941) or at the Consular Assistance Division of the MRE (+55 61 98197-2284) in Brasilia.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden publicly reaffirmed his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and blamed the country’s collapse on the local government and the Afghan military.

The statement came a day after the Islamic fundamentalist group Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

“The Taliban advance has proceeded faster than expected. And what happened? Afghan political leaders gave up and fled the country,” Biden said in a White House speech Monday.

“The Afghan army gave up, sometimes without trying to fight. It proved that we shouldn’t be there. US troops shouldn’t fight and die in a war the Afghans don’t want to fight.”

In a speech washing his hands of US responsibilities in the Afghan crisis, the Democrat listed US efforts to build a government that could stand up to the radical faction, including spending more than $ 1,000 billion dollars and training 300,000 troops, “a force greater in numbers than that of many NATO allies [aliança militar do Atlântico Norte]”.

“We gave them all the tools. We paid salaries. We gave them an air force, which the Taliban does not have. But we couldn’t give in to the will to fight.

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