US, 60 other countries urge Afghans to leave country after Taliban return – 16/08/21 – World

The United States and more than 60 allied countries have called on Afghan citizens and foreigners to leave Afghanistan if they wish, the US State Department said on Sunday.

The communiqué, signed by American allies such as Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and Qatar, is the first major multilateral rally on the situation in Afghanistan since the Taliban took over. control of the capital, Kabul, earlier Sunday. , ending 20 years of US-led military occupation.

“The Afghan people deserve to live in security and dignity. We, the international community, are ready to help them, ”the document said. He also calls for land borders and airports to remain open.

At the time of publication of the text, foreign governments were carrying out emergency operations to bring diplomats, civilians and military personnel to safety after the collapse of the administration of President Ashraf Ghani, who fled the country on Sunday in the face of the advance. of the Taliban.

Most diplomats from Western countries had already left Kabul by Sunday evening, a US official told Reuters news agency.

Meanwhile, a crowd occupied the runway at Kabul airport in an attempt to leave the country after the Taliban seized power. Many fear that the fundamentalist Islamic group will persecute former government collaborators and oppress women and ethnic minorities.

US troops were guarding Kabul airport, according to State Department spokesman Ned Price. He also said that the remaining US personnel had been evacuated from the embassy and were on the premises of the airport.

By the end of the day, no foreign government had officially recognized the new owners of power in Kabul.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that no country should recognize the Taliban regime.

The extremist group ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, when it was ousted from power by the US-led military coalition, accused of harboring Al Qaeda terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

After 20 years of military occupation and struggle against the Taliban, the US government has decided to end its presence in the country.

President Joe Biden intended to complete the troop withdrawal on the 31st, but was surprised by a massive offensive launched by the Taliban two weeks ago.

During that short period, insurgents took control of several provincial capitals until they seized power in Kabul on Sunday.


The Brazilian government has yet to officially talk about the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

The PCO (Partido da Causa Operária) said in a Twitter post on Sunday that the Taliban’s conquest of the Afghan capital is “a historic defeat of imperialism.”

Earlier, on Saturday (14), even before the fall of the government supported by the United States in Kabul, the party had declared on the same social network: “By withdrawing, American imperialism reveals the crisis in which it finds itself. . Without a shadow of a doubt, the advance of the Taliban represents a huge victory over the worst enemies of the oppressed across the planet. For the end of the imperialist occupations!

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