Shameful end, says NYT on fall of Kabul; abject failure, known as WP – 08/15/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Even the headlines about the “collapse” of the Afghan government in the New York Times and the “Americans cornered” in Kabul on Fox News, US coverage spread to Sunday with adjectives piling up in the headlines.

The NYT projected in the morning the infamous “despicable end” of two decades of occupation. The Washington Post was even more critical: “From arrogance to humiliation: the American warrior class faces the dismal failure of its project in Afghanistan.

Both newspapers, as well as CNN, even interviewed Joe Biden, but it was Fox News that concentrated the attacks on Democrats, especially when the Kabul airport was burnt down.

Americans began seeking to “protect themselves from death,” as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attacked the “failed” plan to withdraw from the air and called Biden “pathetic” for trying to ask. accounts to Donald Trump.

On CNN and ABC, also live, current secretary Anthony Blinken has attempted to defend the pullout, repeatedly saying “this is not Saigon”. But images of Chinook helicopters over Kabul pointed in another direction.

In photos and videos they appeared in American vehicles themselves, but the comparison with Vietnam was stronger all over the world, from Germans like Bild (in the reproduction above) to Chinese like Guancha ( below).

American newspapers have once again warned of the effect on American “leadership” abroad. From Germans like Süddeutsche Zeitung to French like Le Monde, Biden was directly held responsible, at the top of the front pages.

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