Biden calls summit to neutralize China and exorcise Trump – 08/11/2021 – Lúcia Guimarães

US President Joe Biden will host an international meeting to defend democracy in December. Biden wants to bring together the leaders of countries, civil society and the private sector in a kind of first global Lollapalooza to fight authoritarianism. Unlike the original Lollapalooza Festival, which ended over a week ago in Chicago, set record marijuana sales and could turn out to be a super-dispersed delta event with 400,000 attendees, the Democracy Summit Biden’s summons will be virtual and is scheduled for December 9-10.

The president initially wanted to host a face-to-face event and use visual symbolism to bring together leaders of strong democracies and emerging democracies in favor of political freedom.

The Democracy Summit, weeks before the first anniversary of the attempted coup that resulted in the invasion of Capitol Hill, was candidate Biden’s plan to communicate to the world that Donald Trump’s attack on democracy American was the exception, not the norm. It can also be seen as an anti-China event, an initiative to contain the growing influence of the most powerful dictatorship on the planet.

Invitations to the Democracy Summit will be sent out in the coming weeks, an anonymous State Department source told the Washington Post. What does the summit have in common with Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party, held last Saturday (7)? The organization of both had to adapt to the advance of the delta variant. And Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, who weren’t invited to blow out the candles with Barack, shouldn’t be invited to Zoom with Joe either.

The State Department released the summit’s three themes: defending countries against authoritarianism; assess and fight corruption; advance respect for human rights. In other words, anything that would make Jair Bolsonaro undesirable.

This week, I asked an old man in Biden of the Democratic Party if he thought the moderate president saw any urgency in the ongoing democratic collapse in Brazil. We are talking about the spectacle of the Armored Scrap Parade in Brasilia and the country’s new fame, which is making the headlines compared to a banana republic.

The veteran Democrat asked if the Brazilian president would be “crazy” to risk the isolation and retaliation that would follow a coup attempt like the one on January 6. I didn’t answer, although, like most Brazilians, I asked how the captain passed Detran’s psycho-technical test to ride a motorcycle.

On August 5, the White House national security adviser went to send a message to Planalto. Thanks to journalist Patrícia Campos Mello, we learned that Jake Sullivan, wearing a mask like everyone else, told the rude host without a mask that the US trusts Brazil’s digital ballot boxes and that he would be discouraged. to spoil the 2022 election.

Jake Sullivan is a senior lecturer at Yale University. During the last two semesters, he took part in an exercise which consisted in imagining the actions of the National Security Council in the face of crises. In the production, the discreet Sullivan played the role of President of the Republic.

In my conversation with the knowledgeable Democrat, commenting on the message passed to Planalto, he said: If I were the Brazilian president, I would take Jake Sullivan totally seriously.

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