Imagine if it was me, Trump tells Fox News, of Biden and the Delta – 08/08/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Former US President Donald Trump returned to Fox News and was asked about the “explosion” of Covid cases in the United States. Reply :

“Imagine if I was president now and we had this massive coronavirus attack. If it was me, they would say, ‘What a horrible thing, what a horrible job.’

According to Mediaite, the interview echoed widely and critically on Twitter, where Trump is banned from posting.


Similarly, the Washington Post headline throughout Sunday was “Surge Sends Waves of Alarm to Democrats.” Just below:

“The rise of the delta variant marks a new turning point in the midterm elections [para o Congresso, em 2022]. But we still don’t know who will be the culprit. “

According to the table posted on the WP homepage, the average daily death rate in the United States fell from 213 on July 7 to 489 on August 6.

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