Network exhibitionist, son of Alberto Fernández avoids the press and official events – 07/08/2021 – World

Since his father was elected President of Argentina in 2019, Dyzhy does not give interviews to the mainstream media, avoids opinions on politics, and his last official appearance was during the inauguration of Alberto Fernández. , on December 10 of the same year.

But he went to court twice to defend himself against what he called “defamation” and “attacks of homophobia”.

The 26-year-old advertising agent for an insurance agency in Buenos Aires, who asked to be called by his nickname, is best known for his work as a DJ and cosplayer. With more than 430,000 followers on Instagram, he publishes photo reports featuring comic book characters and actresses.

The productions get comments like “You are a diva” or “I like your attitude, to overcome their usual hatred”. But they are also the target of criticism, attacks and even death threats – to which he responds in videos in which he appears without makeup and in which he sometimes loses his temper and curses the accusers.

One of the most recent cases occurred in July, when courts convicted a man who had threatened to kill him for over a year. The threats, which also targeted a friend of Dyzhy, came via social media and email. The man was sentenced to pay a fine of 2 million Argentine pesos (approximately R $ 108,000).

Another episode took place in July last year, when Dyzhy and the country’s first lady, Fabíola Yáñez, won a libel case against Agência Nova, a sensationalist news portal – editor-in-chief Mario Casalongue , was sentenced to 50 hours of community service.

Dyzhy returned to the public eye after his father announced a law that allows the change of the DNI (Argentina’s RG) with an option for non-binary people. With the new standard, it is possible to have an “x” in the document instead of the male or female options.

Argentina is the first Latin American country to offer this option in official documents, as is already the case in Canada, Australia, Germany, India and some American states.

“The state should not care about the sex of its citizens. There are other identities than men and women that must be respected,” said the Argentinian representative during the ceremony which celebrated the entry into the country. force of the rule.

Soon after, Dyzhy, who did not respond to interview requests from Folha, took to social media. “I am thinking of changing my name, I never liked Estanislao. My friends and family call me Dyzhy or Tani. I do not correspond to what society considers a man,” he said.

Claiming to be bisexual and living with his girlfriend, the president’s son complained about media coverage after the statement. “They said a thousand stupid things, that I didn’t have a clear gender identity, that I was changing my gender. It’s all a lie. My identity is very clear to me. And I keep thinking: if they’re sensational and lying about a little problem then why doesn’t it matter to anyone, which is my private life, I imagine how much they lie about the news which is really important “, he said in another video.

Dyzhy is also used to getting into virtual controversies involving memes with his image. One of them has a photo in which he appears dressed in female lingerie, accompanied by the phrase: “The only thing that Alberto [Fernández] he had to take good care of him was his son and he left like that “.

To which he replied: “I am afraid that violent people will have children. Can you imagine these kids ever doing something they don’t like? What will they do ? Attack their children psychologically, like they’re trying to do for me? “

Dyzhy also responded via social media to President Jair Bolsonaro’s son. In October 2019, MP Eduardo Bolsonaro shared a post that showed photos of himself, posing with a gun, and Fernández’s son, disguised as the protagonist of the Pokémon anime. The message read: “Son of the President of Argentina / Son of the President of Brazil”.

The reaction was in Portuguese: “Brazilian brothers, we are together in this fight. I love you.” Shortly after, he posted another message: “A lot of people in Brazil started following me, so I mean more aliases to the LGBTTTIQQA + community [usando linguagem inclusiva] of Brazil that we are together in this fight. Remember that love always overcomes hate and that between us we must always take care of each other “.

Fernández’s son did not take part in the presidential campaign, but he celebrated his victory by posting a baby photo on his father’s lap. He was on the celebratory stage, with his girlfriend, and at the grand opening.

But he said that “in no case would I live in Quinta de Olivos [residência oficial]”, preferring to stay in the apartment he rents in Palermo. And he says the only thing that irritates him in his current life is that he cannot do without the bodyguard assigned to the family Of the president.

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