China Says US ‘Hacker Empire’, Advisor Biden’s 5G Offensive Against Huawei – 08/07/2021 – Marketplace

The Chinese Embassy in Brazil on Saturday (7) countered protests by U.S. government officials who, after visiting President Jair Bolsonaro, said the United States was concerned about the possible presence of Asians in 5G infrastructure.

“When it comes to 5G, the United States continues to be highly concerned about Huawei’s potential role in telecommunications infrastructure in Brazil, as well as other countries around the world,” said Friday (6) Tobias Bradford, spokesperson for the American Embassy. . The statement was made after a visit by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to the Brazilian president.

Washington’s main goal with the offensive against the Chinese in the sector is for Brazil and other countries to put in place locks to prevent Huawei from supplying equipment for 5G technology. The Brazilian government intends to hold the technology’s first radio frequency auction this year.

The Chinese embassy said in a statement that the US attacks are malicious and unfounded and are really aimed at defaming China, curbing Chinese high-tech companies and preserving “selfish interests of US supremacy.”

“To this type of behavior which publicly seeks to force other countries to build 5G and to sabotage the Sino-Brazilian partnership, we express a strong dissatisfaction and a vehement objection”, specifies the embassy.

The embassy defends Huawei by saying the company has built more than 1,500 telecommunications networks in 30 years in more than 170 countries and territories, serving more than a third of the world’s population.

“Huawei’s 5G solutions are advanced and secure, a fact recognized by most operators around the world,” said the text. The statement also said that Huawei maintains good cooperation with more than 500 Brazilian companies and supplies equipment to nearly half of the country’s telecommunications networks, serving 95% of the Brazilian population.

Additionally, the embassy names the United States as the “greatest hacker empire” in the world, saying the country poses a real threat to global cybersecurity.

“For a long time, US intelligence agencies have carried out large-scale, organized and indiscriminate cybersurveillance and espionage activities against governments, even their allies, foreign companies and individuals, with serious violations of law and order. privacy and security of third parties. ,” he says.

Finally, the embassy says it believes the Brazilian government will not exclude the Chinese from future contracts in the sector.

“We believe that Brazil will provide market rules in line with the parameters of transparency, impartiality and non-discrimination for Chinese enterprises and any other nationality, and continue to maintain a good business environment for Sino economic and trade cooperation. -Brazilian ”, says the text.

Communications Minister Fábio Faria said less than a month ago that he had received an official statement from Minister Raimundo Carrero, of the TCU (Union Court of Auditors), indicating that the analysis of the body of the opinion would be voted on August 18. .

TCU is responsible for the analysis and approval of the auction. After the vote in the body, according to the minister, the convocation will be sent to Anatel within five days. The intention is that after an auction this year, the country will start having 5G technology next year.

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