Delta “creates risk” for Biden and threatens to bring back masks – 07/25/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Contrary to American coverage, the headline of Sunday’s Washington Post was about the advance of the Delta variant, which “turns upside down”, “shifts attention” and “creates political risk. “for President Joe Biden.

On the homepage, the newspaper was even more critical, noting that “the White House has sought to lay the blame [pelo ressurgimento da Covid-19 no país] in unvaccinated people and in misinformation on social networks. “

According to the WP, “on a particularly disastrous projection, the resurgent epidemic would peak in October, with around 240,000 new cases per day and 4,000 deaths”.

This “is serious enough that senior White House officials are questioning whether to ask vaccinated Americans to wear masks, according to people familiar with it.”

Anthony Fauci, a White House adviser, in an interview with CNN’s Sunday State of the Union program (pictured above), confirmed that the return of the masks is “actively considered” by the Biden administration.


The Financial Times added that the “Delta threatens the great comeback of Labor Day in the United States.” The biggest American companies had announced for September 7 the return of the employees in the offices, but the variant started to change plan, Apple pushing back “of at least a month”.


In the article titled “Israeli data suggests possible reduction in effectiveness of Pfizer vaccine,” the NYT records in paragraph 13 (above) that the most widely used vaccine in the United States, whose effectiveness against Delta had already fallen from 94% to 64%, collapsed:

“More recently, researchers from the Israeli Ministry of Health performed another analysis. This time, they analyzed the cases between June 20 and July 17. During this period, the vaccine’s effectiveness was even lower: only 39% against infection.

Also on CNBC, with more emphasis.

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