Maduro says negotiations with Venezuelan opposition start in August in Mexico – 07/25/2021 – World

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro said on Saturday (24) that a negotiating table should be set up in August between his regime and the Venezuelan opposition led by Juan Guaidó.

The meeting will take place in Mexico, with the mediation of Norway. Maduro said he hoped for the participation and help of other governments, including, “maybe” the United States.

Maduro had previously expressed his willingness to dialogue with the opposition and its leader Juan Guaidó, recognized as president by more than 50 countries, which consider the re-election of the current president in 2018 as fraudulent.

The dictator had conditioned his participation in any negotiations on the lifting of economic sanctions, which include the embargo on Venezuelan oil and prevent the country from seeking funding in the midst of the economic crisis.

The United States and the European Union have already signaled that they can revise coercive measures if they push forward discussions towards credible elections. Seeking to regain international recognition, Maduro pledged to respect the elections of mayors and governors scheduled for November 21.

Guiadó, in turn, also said he was ready to engage in dialogue with Maduro’s regime and conditioned his participation on the establishment of an electoral calendar including presidential elections, with a gradual suspension of sanctions.

The last time the Venezuelan dictatorship and the opposition tried to reach an agreement was in Barbados two years ago. But the negotiations were not successful. These new dialogues are also being prepared after the arrest of the former deputy Freddy Guevara, very close to Guaidó, accused of terrorism and betrayal of his country.

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