Right-wing commentator brags about breaking quarantine in Australia, expelled – 20/07/2021 – world

The Australian government has canceled the visa and expelled a British far-right commentator known for denying the Covid-19 pandemic and for making xenophobic remarks against immigrants.

Katie Hopkins, 46, was in Sydney to appear on the Big Brother VIP reality show, and while quarantined at a hotel, she posted a video on Instagram joking about being given a meal in his bare room without a mask.

According to country regulations, international travelers must adhere to a mandatory two-week hotel quarantine and customers must wait 30 seconds before opening their room door to receive deliveries, until the delivery person has the Time to go.

With a recent increase in the number of new cases, Australia has tightened restriction measures to contain the advance of the delta variant, particularly in the Sydney area. About half of the country’s population, which has recorded just over 100 cases of the disease a day, is in lockdown. Foreigners cannot enter the country, but some exceptions have been made, such as in the case of Hopkins, who is a journalist. The country is seen as a good example in managing the pandemic, with just 915 deaths.

“I think it was shameful. The fact that she was there joking about the breaking of quarantine is terrifying. It was a slap in the face of all Australians who are on lockdown, it is unacceptable behavior. Personally, I am very happy that she although, “said Home Secretary Karen Andrews, who had ordered the border service to check” urgently whether this person qualifies for a visa ” .

Hopkins became famous for his inflammatory anti-immigration comments, which drew criticism even from United Nations officials. More recently, she questioned on Instagram the severity of the pandemic and the need for containment measures.

Upon arriving in Australia, she posted a video on Instagram in which she said that “containment is the greatest hoax in human history” and that Australians are going through “the most draconian quarantine ever imposed”.

After the commentary echoed to receiving the package without protection, Hopkins posted another video in which he jokes about the situation and wears seven face masks.

The Briton was fined 1,000 Australian dollars (3,800 R $), her visa was canceled and was returned to the UK on Monday (19).

“It is incomprehensible to think that she can consider that the steps we have taken to keep our community safe can be treated in such a juvenile and stupid manner,” said the NSW Health Secretary , the state where Sydney is located.

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