The FT wonders what Lula wants to do, if he is elected – 20/07/2021 – Nelson de Sá

On the Financial Times homepage, “Lula keeps a mystery on politics on the way back to Brazil”. With a photo of the former president in a “playful speech to the steelworkers union” in March, he says polls “suggest he will easily beat Jair Bolsonaro”.

It focuses on two points, whether it intends to intervene more in the economy than in previous mandates, and whether it “would seek revenge”.

Listening to Celso Amorim, Aloizio Mercadante and others, he published that for former ministers a third term would be “characterized by pragmatic negotiations, progressive values ​​and the protection of democracy”.

Speaking of revenge, he hears Hussein Kalout, former secretary of strategic affairs to Michel Temer, who does not see Lula “circulating, because it does not correspond to his personality and it does not correspond to his policy”.

In the FT report, “the relative silence of Lula [sobre programa de governo] this had the effect of maintaining the focus on the mismanagement of the pandemic and on Bolsonaro’s undemocratic rhetoric. “

The former president’s social media protests have been followed abroad by the Wall Street Journal, including Opinion, La Nación and other Latin Americans.


Calling Bolsonaro a “human outgrowth” and warning of a “premature death of Brazilian democracy”, former minister Ciro Gomes again criticized Lula, in a report by the London Guardian.

He said that “Lula lied to the people saying he was a candidate”, he said, “a fraud that would end up electing Bolsonaro”. Asked if he “flew to Paris” in the second round, he said he had “the personal and political right not to campaign for a group that I consider to be the cause of the Bolsonaro tragedy”.

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