The pandemic brings back “another scourge” in Latin America, hunger – 07/13/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the German FAZ (photo below), São Paulo-based Latin America correspondent Tjerk Brühwiller reports on Paraisópolis’ successful efforts to contain Covid-19, but highlights how this and other Brazilian favelas were “hit hard by the economic consequences”:

“Maria das Graças Viana, 41, has lived in Paraisópolis for a quarter of a century. She is a single mother of four and says of herself, “I know what poverty is. »Year. For the first time, she had to order food. “

From Lima, Washington Post correspondent Anthony Faiola reports that “famine caused by the pandemic is making the world more unequal,” at the top of the US newspaper’s homepage, adding that few countries have been hit harder than the United States. Peru. Opening of the text:

“On a narrow slope populated by skinny dogs and people mourning the pandemic, another plague has hit the slum where Milinka, 5, and Luis Miguel, 8, sleep in a room with their parents. Hunger. “

Citing data from the FAO, he says that “the region hardest hit by the coronavirus – Latin America and the Caribbean – has recorded the biggest increase in food insecurity in a year: a nine-point jump to 40.9% “.

In a New York Times appeal, also on the home page, “Hunger fuels protests in Cuba.”


On CNN and by agencies, “several implicated in the Haitian assassination plot were American informants”, both for the DEA, the anti-trafficking agency, especially in Latin America, and for the FBI.

For the American news channel, “the growing number of connections from Florida to the plot seems to portray an operation at least partially incubated in the United States”.

In the same vein, the Englishman The Guardian published the analysis “‘It is a home’: the role of Miami in the Haitian assassination plot corresponds to the model of the decades” of the editor Julian Borger, who writes :

“Miami has been a launching pad and synonymous with failed conspiracies and coups – from the Bay of Pigs, the failed Cuba invasion in 1961, to last year’s senseless attack on Venezuela and now , presumably, the assassination of the Haitian president.

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