Bolsonaro Should Pay More Attention To Corruption Surrounding Him, Cuban Chancellor Says – 13/07/2021 – World

Bruno Rodríguez, Chancellor of Cuba, criticized the role of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) in the pandemic and in corruption cases, and said he should tackle these problems rather than using the protests on the island in an attempt to divert attention.

“The President of Brazil should correct his negligent behavior which contributes to the regrettable deaths of hundreds of thousands of Brazilians by Covid and [para] increase poverty. He must pay attention to corruption cases that involve him and not hijack [a atenção] looking at Cuba superficially, “the country’s foreign minister wrote on a social network.

On Sunday (11), Cuba staged the biggest protests ever seen in decades. Thousands of people took to the streets across the country shouting “Freedom! “And” Down with the dictatorship! To express his frustration at months of crisis, restrictions due to Covid and what they accuse of government negligence.

There has been a crackdown on the actions of the Cuban regime, which says the country’s problems are a consequence of the economic blockade imposed by the United States. After the protests, journalists were arrested and internet access was restricted.

Bolsonaro criticized Cuba on Monday (12) and took advantage of the actions on the island to fuel the speech of the communist ghost who, according to him, haunts Brazil. Behind former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the polls of voting intentions, Bolsonaro links a possible return to power of the PT to the installation of communism in Brazil.

“They asked, in addition to food, for electricity. They asked … They asked for one more thing. Finally, in fourth place, they asked for freedom. Do you know what they had yesterday? Rubber, beatings and imprisonment, “the president told his supporters at Dawn Palace. The statement was recorded by a Pocketnist channel.

“Yesterday [domingo] it was a very sad day considering what happened in Cuba. Many people think we’ll never make it, never make it [situação da] Venezuela, that we [nunca] will have problems like they have in other countries here, ”Bolsonaro said.

“There are people here in Brazil who support those who support Cuba, who support Venezuela. People who have been to Cuba several times to drink champagne [sic] with Fidel Castro or went to Venezuela to drink whiskey with [Nicolás] Mature. And there are people here who support those kinds of people. It’s a sign that they want to live like Cubans, like Venezuelans, ”Bolsonaro insisted.

Later, in a social media post, the president reinforced his criticism of the Cuban regime, which he called a “cruel dictatorship that for decades slaughtered freedom while selling the world the illusion of paradise. socialist ”. Bolsonaro also expressed “all his support and solidarity to the Cuban people” and hoped that “democracy would flourish in Cuba and bring better days to its people”.

Bolsonaro is suspected of being negligent in receiving allegations of corruption related to the purchase of Covid vaccines. His government was slow to acquire vaccine agents and ignored proposals like Pfizer’s. The slowness in obtaining vaccines is pointed out by experts as one of the causes of the high number of deaths from Covid in Brazil in 2021. The disease has already killed 534,000 in the country, with more than half of the deaths occurring this year.

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