The Right Time To Invest In Tech & Energy Companies

A diverse and appealing energy sector

Eighty eight percent of the US’ off-shore oil rigs are located off the coast of Louisiana with the greater New Orleans serving as the operational hub for such endeavours. In addition to oil and gas, New Orleans provides a home to many plants and refineries that specials in energy, petrochemicals, and plastics industries. With the support of politicians, thousands of skilled workers are in the employ of these plants, refineries, factors and corporations.  Combined with the greater state of Louisiana, a whopping $73 billion to the state GDP is generated annually.  The fact of the matter is that this part of the world is ripe for investment and this is due to number of appealing investment attributes. Among such attributes would be an extensive pipeline network totalling 125 000 miles as well an all-encompassing transport system providing access via air, land and sea to the rest of the world. Throw in the fact that the state of Louisiana has some of the country’s lowest energy costs, and you have a recipe for maximum output and minimum cash injection. Greater New Orleans has the type of energy sector that anyone with an eye for investing or looking to diversify an already existing financial portfolio is sure to benefit from. These days investments into such matters can be done by purchasing actual stock in the company or though consulting online guides to trade in Forex, the latter allowing for speculation on a commodity like crude oil – the lifeblood of the energy sector.

An impressive tech sector

Greater New Orleans’ melting pot of cultural heritage, food, music and architecture lends itself to some of the most inspired ideas. Is it any wonder then that it has managed to nurture an incredibly impressive tech sector? Like the diverse cultural elements responsible for forging the city of New Orleans, the tech hub is made up of an equally diverse range of industries and vocations all fuelling it.  Advertising, graphic design, sound recording, software development and film and television production all account for a burgeoning tech sector. New Orleans’ climate of technological innovation is aided by a lower cost of doing business, meaning that operational costs are low, meaning that setting up a business will cost less.  But the city itself with it’s barrage of cultural and creative influences also serves as a muse to all looking to set up shop.  Finally there’s an already established set of global corporates operating in the city like Microsoft and DXC Technology. Throw in local talent like TurboSquid and Lucid, and you have melting pot of creative and robust companies aiding in the economy. Once again, New Orleans proves itself a prime target to profitable investment opportunities.  Even if one is not involved in the tech sector, one can still pursue various means to profit from it. Perhaps you’re already involved in the lucrative world of Forex trading; why not diversify your portfolio by taking profits made in that sector and then purchasing actual stock in one of New Orleans’ highly successful tech companies? Some Forex platforms even allow for trades to be made on the share price of the big boys like Microsoft and others. At the end of the day the tech sector, and in particular, that of greater New Orleans is ripe for investment.