Richard Branson flies with Virgin Galactics VSS Unity – Sidereal Messenger. into space

Follow the first full-crew space flight of VSS Unity, Virgin Galactic’s suborbital spacecraft, live with Sidereal Messenger this Sunday (11am) from 11:30 a.m. (GMT). Pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci will be on board, along with a crew made up of businessman Richard Branson (owner of Virgin), engineer Colin Bennett, instructor Beth Moses and Vice President of Virgin Galactic Sirisha Bandla.

It will take off from America Spaceport in New Mexico (USA) and the spacecraft will be launched from an aircraft at an altitude of approximately 15 km. Powered by the rocket engine, it climbs to over 50 miles, an altitude where Earth’s atmosphere is practically zero – the edge of space – before returning to the ground like a glider.

It will be VSS Unity’s third space flight and the first with a maximum capacity of 6 people.

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