Among the photos of the “terrible” Brazil, the outer cover reads “guilty” – 06/29/2021 – Nelson de Sá

On a double page spread (below), the New York Times published on Tuesday (29) the photo report it posted a few days ago, now titled “In Brazil, a price more terrible every day”.

Accompanying the photos of Mauricio Lima, the text focuses on the critique of Jair Bolsonaro’s performance. In the print version, he points out that “The country is on the trail of the United States in Covid deaths. And cases are still skyrocketing,” which could pass.

The tone is the same among Europeans like Süddeutsche Zeitung, with a photo of a cemetery, the title “Lies, deceptions and many deaths” and the question: “Whose fault is it?


The Washington Post publishes an article by journalist and writer Mac Margolis, “What Makes Bolsonaro Forward?” Ask the generals “:

“Bolsonaro blew the generals like a bugle. As he fumbled with the pandemic, he continued to add epaulettes to his entourage. He spoke of ‘my armed forces’ and ordered army ministers to s ‘oppose distancing measures and masks. Minister Eduardo Pazuello, an active general, has seen the death toll drop from 15,000 to 283,000 in almost 11 months. Pazuello’s follies – pushing hydroxycoloroquine and d’ other quackery remedies, delaying the delivery of oxygen to suffocating patients – have become an attraction of the televised IPC.

Margolis then proposes, given the decline in the military’s esteem:

“The Brazilians have the opportunity to rethink the Armed Forces, to eliminate their disfiguring role as chaperones of the democratic order. The soldiers belong to the barracks, not to the palace. This is a problem that impeachment cannot solve. “


In the background, this Tuesday, the scientific journal Nature publishes the study “Reduction of life expectancy in Brazil after Covid-19”, in which Marcia C. Castro and five other authors write:

“We estimate a decline in life expectancy at birth in 2020 of 1.3 years, bringing Brazil back to 2012 levels. The decline was larger for men, increasing by 9.1%.”

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