China can do what it says to be strong, Lula tells Guancha – 6/27/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The weekend before the centenary of the Chinese PC, next Thursday (1st), one of the main opinion vectors of the country, Guancha, from Shanghai, published a long interview with Lula.

The call was kept at the top of the homepage, just below a headline with Xi Jinping, highlighting a statement by the former Brazilian president: “Why can China do what it says?” Because it has a strong political party ”:

“For example,” Lula said in the interview, “China is able to fight the coronavirus so quickly because it has a strong political party and a strong government. Because the government has the power of control and command Brazil doesn’t have that, nor does it in other countries. “

In the interview, he questions the action of the US Department of Justice in Operation Lava Jato, welcomes the return of the left to Latin America, but avoids talking about elections, claiming that the priority of the PT this year is to guarantee vaccination in the country.

Bloomberg and others were dispatched just before he “beat Bolsonaro in the first round, poll finds.”

Guancha, in Chinese, is the work of technology investor Eric X. Li, who is linked to Stanford and Fudan. One of Fudan’s teachers, Li Shimo, was the interviewer and began by saying that Lula “is very famous in China”.


Nationalist Global Times editor Hu Xijin posted on social media that “as the centenary approaches, Western media are raising their voices to speak badly of the PC” and try to discredit its leadership.

In contrast, in the newspaper’s headline throughout Sunday, “Xi and Putin to Meet Online, Highlighting Steadfast Strategic Partnership”, of Monday’s conversation, “Days Before Centenary.”


In the South China Morning Post and in state vehicles across the country, “China is attacking ‘Western colonialism’ by supporting Argentina’s claim” to the Falkland Islands.

In the headline of the Hong Kong newspaper of tech billionaire Jack Ma, “Chinese diplomats respond to British ‘intrusion’ into Hong Kong by supporting Buenos Aires.”


Heading Japanese financier Nikkei, “Tanzania takes over $ 10 billion port project with China,” President Samia Suluhu said on Saturday after meeting with Xi Jinping.

The SCMP added that Chinese contractors have started construction of a $ 1.3 billion railway in Tanzania after completing the railways in Nigeria and Kenya.


In the final Sunday, on the American channel ABC, “Joe Biden orders air strikes” in Syria and Iraq, now “to protect American personnel”.


On the Washington Post homepage (above), “Bolsonaro said the non-interference approach to the pandemic was aimed at protecting the poor in Brazil. They are suffering more than anyone.”

The newspaper visited homeless camps that have sprung up or “swelled” like Carolina Maria de Jesus in São Paulo.

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