NYT sees “a tragedy with no end to end” in Brazil; Le Monde already points to the “third wave” – ​​25/06/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Agencies like AFP and Reuters sent the “record of contamination in Brazil”, which is “ahead of a third wave” of Covid-19, one of the most read news on Thursday (24) in the world.

And the New York Times produced numerous photo reports with new footage of hospitals and cemeteries across the country (image below), calling on the homepage for the half a million dead, “a tragedy without any sign of stopping “.

Closing of the text, which focuses on the criticisms of President Jair Bolsonaro:

“Anger with your answer [à pandemia] sparked large demonstrations. Anger manifests itself in the word most frequently used in posters and graffiti to condemn Bolsonaro’s actions and inaction: genocide. “


The NYT also reported the shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines to Brazil, but warned that a third party had left “the Baltimore facility operated by a subcontractor, Emergent BioSolutions, with manufacturing problems.” And that the batch was only “recently released in a special dose review”.

This is partly why “J & J’s vaccine has faced declining demand in the United States.”

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