USA to send 3 million doses of Covid vaccine to Brazil – 23/06/2021 – World

The US government will send 3 million doses of Janssen’s Covid-19 vaccine directly to Brazil, with a single application and, therefore, capable of vaccinating 3 million people.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
The immunizing agents will be dispatched on Thursday (24), leaving Florida, and will arrive at Viracopos Airport, Campinas (SP), this week. This is the highest number of vaccines sent by the United States to a country so far directly – that is, outside the scope of Covax, an initiative linked to the World Health Organization (WHO) for the distribution of vaccines to developing countries.

The information was anticipated by GloboNews and confirmed by Kevin Munoz, deputy press secretary at the White House, on social networks. He said the US government will continue this Thursday “the work of sending more vaccines around the world and eliminating the virus everywhere, with 3 million doses for Brazil”.

Negotiations for the new donation were carried out directly between the White House and the Brazilian government, which made its first vaccine research contact in March, after a request from other leaders in the region, such as the Mexican president.

So far, Brazil has not appeared on the list for direct donation of US vaccines, but only through Covax – the Americans have already announced that around 20 million doses will be shared with countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in the coming weeks, part of the total 80 million doses promised by Joe Biden for different countries of the world.

The number for the region that includes Brazil was considered low compared to the 438 million people who live in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Via Covax, Brazil will have to share doses with Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica and other Caribbean countries.

On June 3, the White House unveiled the details of the sharing of 25 million doses – including 6 million for Latin America – and, Monday (21), gave the roadmap for the fate of the remaining 55 million, i.e. 14 million for the Latins. Americans.

In the American plan, approximately 75% of the doses are distributed via Covax, according to the participation of each country in the consortium, while 25% are sent directly by the United States to countries considered as partners of the Americans and which, according to the authorities government officials, are experiencing a very serious Covid epidemic.

The White House is under international pressure to help the poorest and developing countries fight the pandemic, and the Brazilian government – through the embassy in Washington and Itamaraty – is asking for access to some of the immunizing agents.

With the denial of the Jair Bolsonaro government, new variants and a very slow vaccination rate, Brazil is slipping into the fight against the pandemic and is today one of the epicenters of the crisis, with more than 500,000 dead. The United States, for its part, is a leader in the death toll – with nearly 600,000 victims – but has seen cases, deaths and hospitalizations plummet amid a successful mass vaccination campaign.

The White House bought enough vaccine to immunize the entire population three times, applied at least one dose to 53% of Americans, but had been criticized for prioritizing internal immunization, even with excess doses, while several regions of the world are devastated by the crisis. , as is the case in Brazil.

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