US removes ‘three dozen’ Iran media sites in UK – 06/22/21 – Nelson de Sá

From Fox News, the first to confirm in the United States: “Security officials seized about three dozen Iran-based sites, citing concerns about the spread of disinformation,” a security official told Fox News national.

From CNN, shortly thereafter: “The US government seized dozens of domains from US websites linked to Iran related to what the US says are disinformation efforts, an official told CNN. US national security. “

Reuters and other agencies had reported footage that emerged, not only in the United States, but around the world, in place of sites such as: PressTV (below), the international news channel linked to the Iranian government; Masirah TV, of the Houthis of Yemen; and Laluua TV, of the Shiite opposition in Bahrain, which broadcasts from the United Kingdom.

“A spokesperson for the US Department of Justice did not immediately comment,” Reuters noted. “Two US government sources have indicated that the Department of Justice is preparing an announcement on this matter.”

The sites are occupied with a message stating that “the domain has been confiscated by the US government under an arrest warrant” by agencies such as the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Office of Export Control, Department of Justice Business.

Via social media, Palestinian websites are also mentioned. Several of them are continuing their coverage, via Telegram and other networks.

Early reactions have also started, including in US media coverage, with a TechDirt editor complaining that “the seizure of a media organization’s website raises many questions, even one led by a hostile government.”

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