Russian agency criticizes Biden’s choice of tie as “infant” – 06/18/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Time magazine and others in the United States mocked a text by Russian agency Ria Novosti (pictured below) on the meaning of “Biden and Putin’s bond colors”, specialists pointing to the finger “childishness” in American and “determination” in Russian.

On the other hand, Russian journalists like Elena Chernenko de Kommersant blamed the fact that Biden had accepted seven questions from Americans and Europeans and none from the Russian press, during her press conference at the end of the summit.

In criticism of the US media, CNN’s coverage of the summit has also been called into question, following Biden’s crass response to a question from a CNN reporter.

“CNN is reacting vigorously to the president by showering him with praise,” joked the Mediaite site. The channel only mentioned Biden’s reaction, telling the reporter that she was uninformed and should be working some other profession, after he apologized.

“And then they congratulated him endlessly, for his ‘extraordinary’ gift with the journalists.”

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