Racist attacks and screams of ‘Bolsonaro 2022’ disrupt virtual event on LGBT migrants – 18/06/2021 – World

Racist, homophobic and misogynistic attacks interrupted a virtual event on assistance to LGBT migrants and refugees organized by entities in Paraná last Tuesday (16), which forced the organizers to suspend the broadcast. Speakers were interrupted by whistles, sexual speeches, shouts of “Bolsonaro 2222” and a card with the words “Shut up monkey”.

On this Wednesday evening (17), Cáritas Brasileira Regional Paraná and the Institute for Public Migration Policies (IPPMI), which promoted the event “Training: assistance to LGBTQIA + migrants and refugees”, published a repudiation note regarding the attacks.

They denounced the incident to the prosecution and to the cybercrime group of the civilian police. The recordings are being analyzed and the perpetrators can be identified and sanctioned.

About 100 people attended the conference. Speakers included representatives from the Dignity Group (linked to the LGBT cause), the UNHCR (United Nations Commissioner for Refugees) and researchers from universities in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Some attacks were directed directly at the mediator, representing Caritas.

The event was broadcast on the Google Meet platform. Organizers say they tried to silence or remove profiles who uttered the violations, but failed. The chat was also blocked.

They then stopped the event and emailed another link to attendees. In less than three minutes, however, the attacks resumed in this other virtual room. “We believe they signed up or somehow hacked into it,” says Isabella Traub, founder and president of IPPMI.

For Traub, the attacks are directly linked to the theme of the event. “It seems to me that they tried to silence us, as we discussed issues that give importance and visibility to migrants, refugees and LGBTQIA + people who are seen as targets of society. today. We live in a time when the most vulnerable groups are persecuted, threatened and silenced, ”he said.

She says the event will be staged again in a few days. “Unfortunately, when hate speech seems to be legitimized by the main ruler, people who support such speech end up committing attacks and offenses as a means of showing false power, sowing fear in people. But the truth is that these actions show us the strength of our daily struggle and resistance, ”he added.

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