United States reaches 600,000 dead by Covid-19 – 06/15/2021 – World

The death toll in the United States from the Covid-19 pandemic surpassed 600,000 on Tuesday (15), according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The United States is the country with the most deaths from the disease in the world. In second place comes India, with 377,000 deaths, and Brazil, with 488,000.

Despite having reached the milestone, the number of daily deaths has been declining since February, at the same time as vaccination progressed in the country. At the start of the year, around 3,000 people were dying from the disease every day. Currently, that average is around 400.

With the drop in cases and deaths, several states in the country are reopening activities and authorizing events that generate agglomeration. The US government has also indicated that people who have already been vaccinated can dispense with wearing masks in various situations.

US President Joe Biden lamented the latest “sad mark” and urged Americans to get vaccinated.

The country began vaccinating its population in December 2020 and already has 144.9 million fully immunized people (43.7% of Americans). Doses are now available for all age groups.

The United States also leads the number of Covid cases, with 33.4 million infections, out of a population of 332 million.

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