The G7 “cracks” and limits itself to creating a “working group” on China – 06/13/2021 – Nelson de Sá

As we saw at the virtual climate summit, the G7 meeting withered. In the New York Times, it didn’t make the headlines throughout Sunday – still below a story about the Mexico City subway crash and then also the change of government in Israel.

The explanation was in the calls going out. “The powers cannot agree on a date to stop burning coal”, which the NGOs have called “a colossal disappointment”. The newspaper attempted to highlight one result, “Leaders unite for global minimum tax,” but it was a decision in the news for days – and still depends on the G20 in October.

NYT eventually changed the call to “G7 leaders offer united front at end of summit, but cracks are clear” as Europeans deny “essential parts of the president’s foreign policy agenda” to the United States .

For example, “although leaders urged China to respect” fundamental freedoms, especially in Xinjiang, “there has been no agreement on banning Western participation in projects” and “the effort to combating abuse ended with a vague statement that they were creating a task force. ” .


In Germany, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung made headlines, but questioning in the statement that “the G7 has more things that divide it than to keep it united”. With the image above, he felt that investing in infrastructure “in poor countries is perhaps the most important outcome of the G7, but it is not an alternative to the Chinese initiative.” Belt and the Road “.

The French financier Les Echos was more direct, capturing “The Europeans” yes but “for Joe Biden against China”.


Le Monde and the British newspapers focused on their own conflict. The French newspaper gave only one short headline, “Brexit and UK-EU dispute over Northern Ireland torment the G7”.

In the London Times, the headline read “Boris Johnson says he will ‘do whatever it takes’ to protect UK territorial integrity”. It was in reaction to a report from the Telegraph that behind the scenes “Emmanuel Macron suggested that Northern Ireland was not part of the UK”.


It appeared three months ago on Baidu Tieba, with an internet user resorting to the expression tang ping, lying down, to question the pursuit of financial success at all costs and start the “movement”, which spread to other platforms, such as Douban.

Three weeks ago, an article against the “shameful” attitude in the Nanfang newspaper in Guangdong sparked a media controversy, leading to more positive stories in Caixin (pictured above), the South China Morning Post and Nanfang him. -even.

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