Netanyahu attacks rival, vows to return in vote expected to remove him from office in Israel – 13/06/2021 – World

An eventful session began the vote in the Israeli Parliament which should approve, this Sunday (13), the formation of a coalition which will remove Benjamin Netanyahu from his post as Prime Minister after 12 years in power.

The country’s longest-serving prime minister Netanyahu, 71, is to be replaced by ultra-right Naftali Bennett, 49, who enjoys the backing of a coalition of eight parties, ranging from the radical left to the ultranationalist right.

This bloc was formed in an attempt to end the two-year political crisis, a period in which four elections were held – all of which ended without any group securing a majority in parliament, allowing Netanyahu to remain in power on an interim basis.

The session started at 4 p.m. local time, 10 a.m. Brasilia time) and is expected to last 4 hours. The current Prime Minister used harsh words when addressing Parliament. “If our destiny is to be in opposition, we will do it with our heads held high, we will overthrow this bad government and we will take back the leadership of the country in our own way,” he said. “We will be back soon.”

Bennett, for his part, began his speech thanking Netanyahu for his “enduring and fulfilling service to the State of Israel,” but said he would initiate a “reasonable and responsible” government, ending a “terrible period of hatred between the people of Israel.

While lecturing on the policy of the new coalition, he was repeatedly interrupted by lawmakers loyal to Netanyahu, who shouted “shame” and “liar.”

“What is happening here is fundamentally democracy,” he replied. “A new government replaces the old one. This is how it should be. “

Bennett vowed to expand agreements with Arab countries, said his government would encourage economic measures in favor of the Palestinians, but any violence on their part would be quelled by force …

He has promised to follow the same agenda as Netanyahu regarding the country’s main security concern, Iran, which should generate friction with the leadership of American Joe Biden over the nuclear pact between Tehran and the world powers. Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump left the deal, but Biden wants to take it back.

“Renewing the nuclear deal with Iran is a mistake that should once again legitimize one of the darkest and most violent regimes in the world. Israel will not allow Iran to equip itself with nuclear weapons.” , Bennett said.

Thanking Biden for “years of commitment to Israel’s security” and for “supporting Israel” during the conflict with the Hamas group in Gaza last month, Bennett said his administration would seek to strengthen relations with Democrats and the American Republicans. “The government will make an effort to deepen and improve our relations with both parties,” he said.

Netanyahu said Bennett lacked international support, credibility and the ability to “really oppose” the deal with Iran.

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