Exhibition on refugee journalists arrives at Memorial, São Paulo – 06/09/2021 – Worldwide

After four months of exhibition at the Immigration Museum, the exhibition “Who is telling this story: refugee journalists or refugee journalists? arrives at Memorial da América Latina, in Barra Funda, São Paulo.

The exhibition, which opens this Thursday (10) at noon, is the result of a partnership between Folha and the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and the Memorial. Free entry, it is visible until August 31.

As part of the celebration of the newspaper’s centenary and the 70th anniversary of UNHCR, the exhibition is based on a series of articles published by Folha in October 2020. Flávia Mantovani, reporter for Mundo and author of the Babel blog, was responsible for the coordination of the De São Paulo project.

The stories of Carlos (Venezuela), Claudine (Democratic Republic of Congo), Kamil (Turkey) and Victorios (Syria) guide the exhibition. Under strong threats, often threatened with death, these four journalists took refuge in Brazil.

In these four cases, the violence that hit journalists went well beyond crimes on social networks. Prison, torture, assaults and physical threats became real dangers from which they had to flee.

“These are stories that show where we in Brazil don’t want to go. They reveal how serious the authoritarianism of a government that wants to control or silence the press can be, ”says Mantovani.

The exhibition brings together relevant data on refugees, but it is not limited to cold statistics. Through reports and images produced by Bruno Santos, photographer in Folha, the exhibition reveals the dramas of forced migration.

Composed of photos, videos, texts and graphics, the exhibition is curated by Miguel Pachioni, communication advisor for UNHCR, Lia Gomes and Vanessa Poitena, the latter also responsible for the exhibition.

The texts on refugees are written by journalists from Folha. In addition to Mantovani, the profiles are signed by Beatriz Peres, Fábio Zanini, Naief Haddad and Patrícia Campos Mello.

The exhibition at Espace Gabo, one of the Memorial’s rooms, respects security protocols against the spread of Covid-19, given the distance between visitors. Capacity is limited to 15 people every 30 minutes.


On June 15, at 6 p.m., a workshop on journalistic coverage of refugees will take place as part of the exhibition programming.

Specially aimed at corporate communication journalists and communication students, the workshop will include the participation of Mantovani (Folha), Pachioni (UNHCR) and Claudia Cursino, teacher of Portuguese for refugees and member of the Memorial Foundation.

It will be an online meeting, with free registration.

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