Bolsonaro government attacks The Economist after critical report showing airless Christ the Redeemer – 06/07/2021 – Power

In a sequence of 23 tweets this Sunday (6), Secom (Communication Secretary of the Presidency) attacked The Economist magazine after the special “It’s time to go” on Brazil, with ten pages that tackle subjects such as the economy, corruption. , the Amazon and the country’s outlook.

One of the critics misinterpreted the term for the British magazine. Secom says The Economist has advocated the impeachment of the president. The correct sentence is “the priority is to defeat him at the polls” and not “the priority is to eliminate him”.

“Does the article make a frightening apology for the president’s murder?” Asks one of Secom’s tweets, Issue 14.

Jair Bolsonaro’s government, Secom, accuses the British magazine of producing a “spurious, histrionic and exaggerated” story.

“The Economist magazine buries journalistic ethics and transcends all limits of public debate,” read the first tweet. “With the aim of attacking the President of the Republic and influencing the political direction of Brazil, he distils a rhetoric of organized supporters and ends, in fact, attacking the intense work of the Brazilian government, the autonomy of the nation Brazilian and Brazilians. in general.”

In one of the excerpts from the special column, the magazine specifies that it is necessary to carry out reforms, fight against corruption and defend the Amazon, “but it will be difficult to change course as long as Bolsonaro is president. The priority is more urgent is to get it out by a vote. “

The government’s long response is based on the publication of the magazine on the difficulties for the country if Bolsonaro is re-elected.

“What is The Economist about? What direction would they like to change? Secom asks, then lists the measures taken by the government during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The following tweets evoke the state of emergency in public health “even before the WHO declares a pandemic”, investments in the fight against Covid-19, vaccination of the population, emergency aid, GDP growth or job creation.

“Of course, with its insane rhetoric, the magazine seeks to discredit all the undeniable work in defense of the lives and preservation of jobs, freedoms and dignity of Brazilians. Under cover of criticism of the president, The Economist hits the Brazilian nation, ”says the response.

In an excerpt from the reaction that resonated on social networks, Secom sums up the magazine’s “text story”. “The president would be a dictator who would kill his own people; his supporters would be ready to wage civil war and the army would be ready to intervene if the president lost the next election.

In addition to responding to the magazine, the Bolsonaro government questions the alleged contradictions of the text of the special section and accuses the magazine of “youth leaflet” by pointing to the risk of devastation in the Amazon.

“In other words: it seems that the desperation of the Economist and of militant, anti-democratic and irresponsible journalism is that the President of the Republic is ELIMINATED as soon as possible, before he and his government finish the excellent work. that they are doing for the good of Brazil, ”concludes Secom.

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