Polarized debate marks start of last week ahead of elections in Peru – 30/05/2021 – world

The last debate between the Peruvian presidential candidates, candidates in the second round on the 6th, was marked by polarization. While Keiko Fujimori tried to stigmatize the protectionist measures proposed by his opponent as a delay for Peru, Pedro Castillo asserted that, in the country, the state has remained silent on the population and must be “present inside. and outside the homes of families, control the economy and education. ”The meeting took place this Sunday (30), in the city of Arequipa.

Also on Sunday, the last poll of voting intentions before the elections was published. The result of the survey, carried out by the Ipsos Institute, was a technical link. Castillo appears with 51.1% of the vote, and Keiko, with 48.9%. The margin of error is 2.5%.

From the start, Castillo said he would not be against private initiative and would not withdraw savings or investments from Peruvians. “I believe in a popular economy with a market. In a state that controls and harmonizes the two, so that service companies do not price abusively,” he said. He added that he will review contracts from foreign gas, lighting, transportation and mining companies.

He also said that, if elected, he would control the import of various agricultural products, such as potatoes. “It is not possible that we buy potatoes from abroad, while those of Peruvian farmers are rotting in stock.” Castillo also said that the sector’s policies will be regulated according to a strategy designed “from the bottom up, not the other way around”.

The candidate again promised vaccination to all Peruvians by the end of the year and defended restrictive measures in force in the country at the time, such as the curfew and urban mobility rules.

Keiko, on the other hand, said the pandemic cannot be an obstacle to the economy and has defended existing measures to be relaxed, with an increase in business hours. Finally, as he did during the campaign, he declared that “you cannot cure the sick with communism”.

She also said the vaccination will be ramped up and that she hopes to immunize all Peruvians this year. Then he thanked the current president, interim Francisco Sagasti, for negotiating the doses.

Keiko also spoke of the period during which she was imprisoned, as a preventive measure, when her possible connection with the scandal of the Brazilian entrepreneur Odebrecht is under investigation. “When I was in prison I always remembered a phrase from Pope Francis about not being afraid. And I say to Peruvians: don’t be afraid. I know we have had a difficult year , and the challenges are many. “

The candidate said the protectionist measures proposed by Castillo will “increase the price of food, which Peruvians cannot afford today, after so many sacrifices”. She also accused Castillo of speaking “man to man, as if ignoring women” and said she would rule with mothers in mind, who “support our country”.

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