Family of Brazilian doctor detained in Egypt apologize to saleswoman for sexual assault – 06/03/2021 – world

Relatives of Brazilian doctor Victor Sorrentino, detained in Egypt for a sexual offense after broadcasting a video in which he offends a Muslim saleswoman, have issued a public apology.

The note, written in English and Arabic and published this Thursday (3) on the social network of Victor’s sister, Patricia, is signed by her and five other people, including his wife, Kamila Monteiro.

“We, the family of Victor Sorrentino, and on behalf of Victor, offer a formal apology to the victim, his family and all those involved,” the text reads.

They also apologize to the Egyptian people and the country’s authorities and promise to “repair all moral and material damage”.

Sorrentino, who has nearly a million Instagram followers, posted a video in which he talks in Portuguese with a papyrus seller. “You really like tough guys, don’t you?” », Asks the doctor. “Long is good too, isn’t it?” The long papyrus. Without understanding the language, she says yes, smiles and is taunted by the doctor and his Brazilian companions.

After what happened, the doctor posted a video in which he tries to justify the episode, saying it was a joke. He made his profile private after the aftermath of the case.

In a note sent by Patrícia to Folha on the 1st, the offices of André Maya Advocacia & Compliance and Rech, Moraes & Oliveira Advogados Associados stated that the family “is appalled by the inadequacy of the information, but determined to contribute with the Egyptian authorities to clarify what happened and resolve the situation as quickly as possible “.

The text also informs that an Egyptian lawyer has been hired to defend Sorrentino.
Sorrentino is a supporter of the so-called early treatment for Covid-19 and has given interviews defending hydroxychloroquine, an ineffective drug for the disease. The manufacturers of the drug themselves do not recommend use against the coronavirus, and in October of last year, the World Health Organization conclusively rejected and “strongly” contraindicated the use of the drug. for patients with Covid.

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