Brazilian doctor detained in Egypt after posting sexual assault videos on salesman – 05/31/2021 – world

Brazilian doctor Victor Sorrentino was arrested on Sunday (30) accused of sexual harassment by Egyptian authorities after posting a video on his Instagram in which he offends a Muslim saleswoman with sexual phrases.

Sorrentino has nearly a million followers and has made his profile private after the aftermath of the affair.

In the video, Sorrentino converses in Portuguese with a papyrus vendor. “You really like tough guys, don’t you?” », Asks the doctor. “Long is good too, isn’t it?” The long papyrus. Without understanding the language, she says yes, smiles and is taunted by the doctor and his Brazilian companions.

According to a statement from the Egyptian Interior Ministry, the Rio Grande do Sul doctor was arrested after posting the video, and the case has been referred to the prosecutor’s office handling the case. “Our intelligence system located the victim and the harasser. We are taking the appropriate measures, and he was referred to the responsible prosecutor, ”the text said.

After what happened, Sorrentino posted a video justifying the episode and saying it was “very playful”.

On Sunday evening (30), he made a post accompanied by a photo of the interior of an airplane, in which he says that the trip was “an immersion without limits”. “How good it is to make room for new versions of ourselves, for new connections, to review and transcend values, virtues, wisdom,” he wrote. “I have a physical and spiritual weight in my suitcase that exceeds even what I once tried to imagine.”

Patrícia Sorrentino, a family member of the doctor, posted a video on his social media profile saying the Brazilian had not been arrested, but “detained to provide clarification to Egyptian authorities” on what had happened. past. She said the two are in touch and he’s fine. “Soon, he will be with us soon. We hope that everything will work out and that he will return soon.”

Folha tried to contact Patrícia, but she only responded when this report was released.

Sorrentino is a supporter of the so-called early treatment of Covid-19 and has given interviews defending hydroxychloroquine, a drug considered ineffective for the disease. The drugmakers themselves do not recommend use against the coronavirus, and in October of last year, the World Health Organization conclusively and “strongly” contraindicated the use of the drug. for patients with Covid-19.

An old video which is circulating again on the Internet shows President Jair Bolsonaro, while still a federal deputy, claiming that Victor Sorrentino is “more than a virtual friend, a brother in uniform and in the faith”. “Together we will change Brazil,” he said.

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