In First Congressional Speech, Biden Calls on Americans to Get Vaccinated Against Covid – 4/28/2021 – Worldwide

On the eve of completing one hundred days of government, Joe Biden delivers his first speech this Wednesday (28) during the joint session of Congress. The President of the United States began his speech with a call for Americans to get vaccinated.

Biden also reinforced the successes that accompany a vaccination campaign that has gained momentum since taking office – today, anyone over 16 can now be vaccinated in the United States. Before the deadline, he kept his promise to apply 100 million doses scheduled for the first hundred days. It has doubled the target and 232 million injections have already been administered.

“After just a hundred days, I can tell the nation: The United States is on the move again, turning danger into possibility, crisis into opportunity, receding in force,” he said on the report. House prosecution, lawmakers get the rules of social distancing.

In the statement, Biden said he inherited “a nation in crisis,” with the worst pandemic of the century, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and, without naming former President Donald Trump, spoke of “the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war “.

The Democrat made about 40% of the promises he made in his first 100 days in office, but he essentially ruled by executive order – a mechanism that doesn’t need congressional approval to take effect , but which can be canceled by the next president. .

Biden speaks in Congress, he served as a senator for 36 years and upstairs invaded by Trump supporters on Jan.6. Surrounded by security protocols and restrictions due to the pandemic, the Democrat observed the historic milestone of his speech, with two women watching the speech directly behind him for the first time: U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris and President of the Chamber, Nancy Pelosi, both masked. .

Also because of this control, added to the restrictions of the pandemic, only about 200 people are on the floor of the House to listen to the speech, instead of the more than a thousand who usually attend this type of event.

The speech delivered at the joint session of Congress is considered the start of a first-term president before the legislature. In the other years of the administration, the speech was titled Speech on the State of the Union. Last year, Trump’s latest, the Republican competed with Pelosi, who tore up the paper with a copy of the president’s speech, in a scene that went viral on the internet.

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