While Zhao won the Oscar, Yao Pan Ma was beaten in New York – 04/27/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the New York tabloids, the image of another person of Chinese descent, cook Yao Pan Ma, disputed the space of Sunday with the photos of director Chloe Zhao, who won the film’s Oscar. “Nomadland”.

The Daily News, with testimony and surveillance video, reported that Yao Pan Ma was attacked from behind and, on the ground, had his head hit and stomped on several occasions on Third Avenue and 125th Street.

The New York Post heard from his wife, “between tears,” the fear that he will not survive. The couple, from Guangdong, arrived in New York in 2019 to work in a restaurant, a job they lost with the pandemic. It was the 66th case of hate crime against Asians in 12 months in the city.

The South China Morning Post, of Hong Kong, in the same Chinese region, and the New York Times, the smaller one, reported the arrest of the assailant.

Zhao Ting, of the Chinese name of the director Chloe, rose to the top of the Mandarin editions of the NYT and the Wall Street Journal by pointing out that her price was censored on the social network Sina Weibo.

On the other hand, the Global Times, a tabloid linked to the nationalist wing of the PC, published two texts praising Zhao, who in the speech praised his cultural heritage by quoting a Chinese poem, “San Zi Jing”.

In the Bloomberg headline, “Zhao must now reach China.” The film should have opened in the “biggest market in the world” this weekend, but it has been “in limbo” since a statement by her surfaced in 2013, claiming that in China there are would have “lies everywhere”.

The Global Times, Bloomberg points out, criticized the expression, but took a stand against a veto. The problem is not so much “Nomadland” as “Eternals”, a superhero film that she directed for Disney, Marvel, which depends on the Chinese market.


While Minister Paulo Guedes publicly declared in Brazil that “the Chinese invented the virus” and have a less effective vaccine than the American Pfizer, Ambassador to Beijing Paulo Estivallet de Mesquita appeared in an interview in the opposite direction, at the home of the Global Times.

In the appeal, “Ambassador: Brazil trusts vaccine produced in China and hopes strongest ties [entre os dois] are not affected by the American political sphere. “


Shortly before the exchange of accusations between Anvisa and the Russian fund that finances Sputnik V, the Financial Times reported that “infections are decreasing in Russia, as the country increases the vaccination rate.” Deaths are also on the decline.

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